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Just file this under unsubstantiated and possibly true but fun reading material either way. It gives us a sense on where things are going.

Here is some info on the songs Madonna has reportedly been working on for her new album!

ALL tracks are in DEMO stages and unfinished. The Candy Store clip that leaked is an EARLY demo, and the song went through a dramatic change, apparently.

Here is the LATEST list of the 2007 RECORDING SESSIONS:


01. Sleep Deprivation
02. Turn It Up
03. Going Down
04. Little Thang (feat Justin Timberlake)
05. It’s The Beat
06. Tight Fit
07. Black
08. Off The Hook (feat Timbaland)
09. Candy Store (feat Pharrell)
10. Eleven Minutes
11. Do I Care
12. Freelancer.34
13. U n M
14. Starlight
15. Hit It Hard
16. Got This Down Right


Now, here is some additional info on the album:

*** SLEEP DEPRIVATION is a favorite by both Madonna, the producers and the label. VERY LIKELY to become a single. Apparently it’s ”revolutionary and fierce”.

*** GOING DOWN has really raunchy lyrics, and it started as a joke. Timberlake worked on it with Madonna.

*** The rumored title PRETTY LITTLE THANG is in fact called LITTLE THANG and it includes a verse by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. It’s a ”midtempo summer jam with a fresh beat”

*** BLACK is the rumored track called WIZZLE, and it’s ”organic, crazy and it will rumble your worlds”

*** The rumored track called THE BEAT GOES ON is actually called IT’S THE BEAT.

*** OFF THE HOOK is the Timbaland collaboration. Two were recorded, another one he’s saving for his next solo record. Single possibly, the executives loved it.

*** CANDY STORE probably WONT be on the record, along with HIT IT HARD and DO I CARE. Apparently, Madonna is ”over them”.

*** FREELANCER.34 is ”very experimental” and still completely unfinished. Might become a sort of intro or outro to one of the songs.

*** U n M is another label favorite, supposedly it’s something very new for Madonna.

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Jul 31, 2007 18:52pm PDT

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