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Local Who Filmed Princess Catherine Video Speaks Out -- Says She Was 'Relaxed,' 'Laughing,' & 'Real'!

Brit Who Filmed Princess Catherine Video Speaks Out, Says She Was 'Relaxed' & 'Laughing' & 'Real'

The local who filmed THAT video of Princess Catherine is speaking out!

On Monday, the world was shocked when a video of Prince William and Kate Middleton strolling out of Windsor Farm Shop dropped on the internet. Amid rumors about her health and whereabouts, it was the first time the royal had been seen in public since last year (aside from some paparazzi shots). But conspiracy theorists quickly claimed the woman in the video wasn’t the real Princess of Wales, even going so far as to suggest a body double might’ve been used or that the clip was really taken during Christmas.

While some of the rumors have already been debunked, the videographer is now putting all the skeptics on blast!

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In a new interview with The Sun, who released the video alongside TMZ earlier this week, Nelson Silva insisted he saw the future queen “with my own eyes” as she looked “relaxed” in Windsor. Calling all the conspiracy theorists “delusional,” he argued on Tuesday:

“I’m not so much shocked that these comments have continued, I’m just confused how exactly they can continue. This is a video clearly showing her and William. I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation. What more do you need to lay off her? I thought after this was released they’d go quiet. But these people are so invested in the drama now. They’ve put so much time and energy into these rumours and lies that they can’t pull the plug.”

Oof! He also dragged celebrities for chiming into the controversy, adding:

“Even famous people are guilty. People with a large platform online — they can’t admit they are wrong now because they look so delusional.”

The 40-year-old engineer continued:

“People across The Pond are invested and they must never have laid eyes on Kate in real life.”

LOLz! So shady! But it wasn’t just Americans on his s**t list, he went on:

“But all these people in the UK too, they say it’s not her, that is it a fake person. Well I can tell you it is not. Are they now going to question if I’m a real person as well? Are they going to say I made this video? Did I put a fake Kate there? It is ridiculous. At what point will they back off and realise they have been caught up in something that is crazy?”

So, what actually happened in that store and why is he SO sure it was the real Kate?? Nelson claims he was in the meat section shopping for steak when he noticed the royals looking “relaxed and happy.” He explained:

“I had about 40 minutes to kill and decided to get some produce. I went into the shop and at first I noticed their figures, they were standing near the bread. Then I saw Kate turn her head slightly, I was like, ‘oh I know her’. They went to the meat section and I was stood behind them. They were talking to staff and laughing. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the staff seemed overwhelmed in a nice way. When I went to pay for my produce, the girl at the counter was so shocked she was hardly breathing. Everyone in there was very excited. It was a really nice atmosphere. I went to the car and decided to take a video to share with my family in Portugal.”

He continued:

“I started to record as they (Kate and William) walked towards the car park. They just looked very happy and relaxed together. William was obviously protective of Kate and I quickly stopped recording because I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. They walked towards fields at the back. I guess they could get back on to the Windsor estate that way.”

He soon sent the clip off to his family via WhatsApp, and that’s when he supposedly learned about all the #KateGate drama:

“They were like, ‘Oh god, she’s alive! She hasn’t been seen since last year’. I’m not really into gossip and celebrities, I like to go fishing and to my allotment. I had no idea that Kate was so much in the news. I just wanted to share the video to say to my family, ‘Look, I’ve just seen them. A normal couple shopping in the farm shop’. Not like they are usually seen in ballgowns in the public eye. My family sent screenshots of the rumours. I couldn’t believe how delusional people can be.”

Then on Monday, his co-worker encouraged him to release the sighting publicly, he furthered:

“On Monday my colleague said, ‘Do you realise that video could debunk all the rumours if it was put out there?’ It shows she (Kate) is OK and getting better. To be honest, recording the video was totally out of my comfort zone but it was only for my family at the time. I’m still not comfortable in the spotlight. But I realised that this video of two people happy and shopping could help make all these rumours fall flat.”

But, obviously, it didn’t! When asked about the conspiracy theorists, he complained:

“Get a hobby. Get something better to do with your day than this. I feel for Kate, after I saw her, it really hit me that, look, these are just two human beings. This is a mother who has had an operation and people should not be speaking about her in this manner. The people saying nasty things and jumping on the bandwagon, I think they just want to get likes. It is very sad. I’ve had operations and know what the recovery is like. Kate just wanted to take a walk with her husband. She looks well. I’d say, ‘Draw a line under it now’.”

Jeez! He’s quite opinionated about all this for a man who’s now going on a media tour about the controversy! Just saying! Hear more (below):

Well, he’s definitely confident this sighting was the real deal! Reactions?! SOUND OFF (below)!

[Image via The Sun/YouTube & John Rainford/WENN]

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