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Jake Paul Speaks Out On Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video Controversy & Hints That His Older Bro Will Make A Comeback

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Logan Paul made is a HUGE mistake — and YouTube‘s younger mistake is now weighing in on it!
On Monday, Jake Paul broke his silence on his older bro’s controversial video that showed a body hanging in Japan’s suicide forest — a vlog entry that enraged the entire online community and (sort of) got Logan kicked off YouTube.
The 21-year-old addressed the drama in a 13-minute video titled YouTube, Let’s Talk About Brother Logan Paul.. — and talk he did… after 10 minutes of dumb pranks, snowboarding, and more dumb pranks!
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At the end of the video, Jake admitted he thought what Logan did was “very, very, very, very wrong,” but promised that the beloved YouTuber “did not mean to offend or hurt anybody.”
C’mon, man. If One Ball Paul didn’t upload a hanging corpse to intentionally spark outrage, then he’s actually the dumbest person alive.
Oh wait… they’re sticking with the naive dumbfuck defense? Okay then. Watch the video (below)!

As it turns out, playing dumb is right on brand for LP. Jake added that his brother is “learning from” the uproar he caused and “is honestly, truly, truly sorry.”
The younger Paul brother added that he, for the record, does not think suicide is anything to joke about. But he isn’t helping the problem, as his promise that Logan will “bounce back” from this sure as hell isn’t going to lead to a decline in suicides.
[Image via YouTube.]

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Jan 23, 2018 14:02pm PDT

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