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Did Lori Loughlin Find A Way To Get Out Of Prison EARLY?!

Lori Loughlin could be released pretty early from her two-month federal prison sentence!

She’ll be back home before you ever knew she was gone!

That’s what Lori Loughlin is hoping for, anyways. And already, the Full House alum — who began her two-month prison sentence for her involvement in the college admissions scandal late last month — is eyeing her potential release date, which may come before Christmas!

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As we reported about a week ago, the 56-year-old actress reported to prison on Friday, October 30 in a bid to begin her two-month sentence a bit early. Now, she’s busy serving out her sentence at the FCI-Dublin, the very same facility where Felicity Huffman Macy served her prison sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal.

And while a judge had originally ordered Loughlin to report to prison on November 19, she got things going early with a late October arrival. Her early-bird ways may prove to be shrewd, though, because based on her reporting date the Summerland alum could actually get out of prison just in time for the holidays in December!

Here’s how it works: according to ET, Loughlin’s official release date is Sunday, December 27. However, for inmates who have release dates that come up on weekend days, the Bureau of Prisons typically chooses to release them on the immediate preceding non-holiday weekday “unless it’s absolutely necessary to detain them” for the full period.

Knowing that Christmas Eve (December 24th) falls on a Thursday this year, and Christmas Day is then on Friday, that means the Bureau could release Loughlin on that Wednesday immediately before the holiday, which would be December 23rd. If it all works out like that, it’s not a bad way to shave a few days off the sentence and get home in time for Christmas, ya know?!

olivia jade bella rose lori loughlin
If things work out right for Lori, she could be back home with her daughters before Christmas. / (c) FayesVision/WENN

Regardless, Aunt Becky’s most immediate concern is serving and surviving her time in prison up until that release date. It’s being made all the more difficult by the coronavirus pandemic, too, as FCI-Dublin has completely shut down to outside visitors. According to the prison’s website, “all visitation at this facility has been suspended until further notice.”

For the high-profile prisoner, that means “constant” communication with her family by phone, since she likely won’t be able to see them in person until she’s released. An insider spoke to ET more about that, revealing that it’s been a struggle for Loughlin to deal with prison life thus far (below):

“Lori’s been communicating daily with her family and is trying her best to get acclimated to her new surroundings but she’s ready to go home. This is a huge challenge. She is trying to stay strong but she’s also been very frightened of contracting COVID. This was a huge stress for Lori even before she was locked up and now her fear is even worse … Never in a million years did Lori ever think she‘d be behind bars in her lifetime and she had a very difficult time dealing with that reality. She lost many nights of sleep in fear of what everyday life would be like in prison.”

Reality must’ve set in quick on that first day… We can’t even imagine.

Of course, it’ll all be over soon enough for Aunt Becky. Just gotta own it until the release date comes!

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Seriously, though, here’s hoping she can do it without catching COVID-19. Nobody deserves that.

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[Image via FayesVision/Nikki Nelson/WENN]

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