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Machine Gun Kelly Would Reportedly Marry Megan Fox 'In A Heartbeat' -- But How Does She Feel About That?

Machine Gun Kelly wants to marry Megan Fox, like, right now! But does she want that?

It sounds like Machine Gun Kelly is truly head-over-heels for Megan Fox. But is she on the same page when it comes to their future?! Because according to this insider (below), it appears these two might not be seeing eye-to-eye on a very important issue…

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On Thursday morning, Us Weekly published a conversation they’d had with an insider close to the Bloody Valentine singer. In it, the source revealed something not too surprising regarding MGK’s feelings for the Transformers actress:

“He would marry her in a heartbeat.”

Right. Kind of what we expected based on their recent behavior and the white-hot romantic start to their relationship, right?! Just one little problem here… the 34-year-old actress apparently isn’t feeling like making that commitment! The insider explained:

“Megan isn’t in any rush to get married again right now. She is enjoying the pace that their relationship is going in and is content with how things are currently.”

That makes sense, too, considering Megan’s reaction the last time engagement rumors were floated. And of course, Megan’s divorce from ex Brian Austin Green still needs to be finalized, too. That’s kind of an important legal step in this process!! But the apparent divide between MGK’s marriage motivations and Fox’s desire not to get married has us stuck: could this end up being a dividing point for the happy couple?? Shoot, we’ve watched commitment questions cause celeb breakups plenty of times before!

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Marriage miscommunications aside, though, it’s clear the 30-year-old musician and the Jennifer’s Body actress have a seriously tight connection. The insider admitted that while marriage is off the table (at least for a while), cohabitation seems to be the next logical step in the couple’s progression:

“They haven’t moved in with each other yet, but they do spend a ton of time together. [They] might as well move in together. This could be in the deck of cards soon.”

Well then!

Again, it’s probably a small thing knowing how well everything else is going right now, but miscommunication about whether or not marriage is a logical next step could seriously damage a coupling right out of the gates! It makes a lot of sense that Megan wants to wait, as well. Not only does she have a full legal process to go through with her split from BAG, remember that those two had been married for ten years when they split. A decade is a long time! Can’t blame her for hesitating a little bit and thinking about whether she wants to jump right into the next one!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Think this could spell doom in the relationship, or will these two work through it just fine?! Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Patrick Hoffmann/WENN/Instar]

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