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Machine Gun Kelly Snorts 'Cocaine' Off Megan Fox's Boobs In VERY Controversial Halloween Post!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for Halloween

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox love to spice things up, but did they go off the rails this time??

On Friday, the musician and actress stepped out as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson for the Casamigos party in Beverly Hills — but they may have taken their roles far too seriously! Sharing a video to Instagram after-the-fact, MGK was seen proudly snorting and licking a line of “cocaine” (which was presumably fake, though it’s unclear) off of Megan’s boobs. It was clearly meant to be a fun post since he captioned it:

“happy Halloween virgins”

But most of the couple’s fans weren’t so pleased to see the shocking clip!

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Ch-ch-check out the viral post, where the stars recreated an iconic look of the ex-couple’s, first before we get into the online chatter:

Umm, and this is coming from the guy who once credited his future wife for helping him get clean. Even if the drugs are fake, this seems like a risky move to us given MGK’s past! Taking to the comments section, upset viewers agreed and they slammed the Bloody Valentine singer for glorifying illegal substances, especially considering his fan base consists of lots of impressionable teens! Take a look at some of the most heated reactions (below).

“Ok but this? Hell na, might ur music be good but the drugs? not that much”

“I cannot keep defending y’all wtf is this??”

“Not cool with the snorting and having teens idol you”

“Him thinking it’s ok to post a video doing a f**king line is crossing a f**king line after every artist we’ve had over dose in the past few years”

“The world in the palms of their hands, yet, they are just another cliché slave to drugs; no different than the average neighborhood druggie down the street. Just goes to show that money and privilege don’t equate intellect and perception.”


MGK wasn’t the only one getting bashed for the drug content. The Transformers star was also called out for her participation as some users claimed she was setting a bad example for her kids, Noah, 10, Bodhi, 8, and Journey, 6, all of whom she shares with ex Brian Austin Green. It should be noted that the performer is also a parent to daughter Casie Colson Baker, 13, with Emma Cannon. People complained:

“You’re a mother ? Oh how proud your kids will be years from now when they see this”

“Knowing she has kids that’ll grow up and see this is so sad”

“Okay, Ik there r gonna be ppl saying they didnt ask but this is not okay. Even if it’s fake, and a joke. This is not okay to promote to your fans and it’s even worse for the children they both have. Highly disappointed, really not a fan of you anymore at this point. This is f**ked.”

“It was cool till we got to the coke part. You both have children and this is what you want them too see? As a child with a drug addict for a father…. My heart breaks for them. I guess I’m ‘lame’ but there’s nothing cool about drugs.”

Safe to say this Halloween costume did NOT go over well. People were pissed!! And the drama only continued throughout the weekend…

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It didn’t help that over on Megan’s IG feed on Sunday, the couple returned with a new and just as controversial Halloween costume! Guess the fan backlash didn’t faze them, but maybe it should have! The pair, who got engaged in January, followed up the drama with Kelly dressed as a priest and Fox as a sexualized submissive/worshipper on a leash. Check out their sexed-up pics (below):

Wowza. They really just don’t care who they’re going to offend, do they? Anything for shock value! Social media users were just as fed up with this couple’s kinky costume, writing in the comment section:

“Low key thinking Megan Fox has lost it all

“The humiliating and degrading things people do for social media”

“u need to be sedated and have ur memory erased from meeting him”

“This is just distasteful and I’m an atheist”

“This is disturbing. I’m unfollowing. No longer a fan.”

Uh oh…

Kinda seems like these two just lost half their fan bases with these Halloween costumes, but so far, they’ve yet to address the controversy. What do U think about this, Perezcious readers? Offensive outfits or are people overreacting? SOUND OFF (below)!

[Image via Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox/Instagram]

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