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Madonna's Former Friend Sandra Bernhard Gets Shady AF Explaining Their Falling Out!

Sandra Bernhard Madonna Friendship Falling Out Tea

In the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, Sandra Bernhard and Madonna were an unstoppable force — but then that changed in the blink of an eye! Now the comedian is opening up about what she thinks led to their very public falling out!

While chatting on the Hot Takes & Deep Dives podcast this week, the 66-year-old got candid about her “iconic” relationship with the pop star, even though it might have been way more short-lived than she hoped. The Pose alum admitted:

“Our whole friendship was [iconic]. There are only a handful of photos of us and we went out quite a bit. We were out and about and it’s amazing how few pictures there really are of us.”

Perhaps that’s an indication of what was to come… But hey, at least we’ll always have Truth or Dare.

When asked what she walked away from the friendship with, the standup mused:

“For me, I learned that I didn’t really like that level of visibility and having to work it constantly. We all as performers work it to a certain degree, but I’m a very improvisational person, on stage and in my life, and I don’t like being tied down in having to be a certain way for my image. Therefore, I feel I continue to evolve as a person and personality.”

Daaamn!! Is she suggesting that her friendship was stunted because Madonna had to “be a certain way” for her image? And refused to evolve as a person!? Yeesh.

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Sandra wasn’t oblivious to the challenges Madonna faced when making friends as her career was taking off, so she did her very best to remind the singer every chance she got that she wasn’t sticking around to profit from the Material Girl vocalist. She just wanted a friend, she explained:

“What I tried to impart in our friendship is, ‘I’m really your friend, I’m not just somebody that’s passing through.’”

Such an important message for a megastar to hear, but even though the now-63-year-old was able to trust the Hudson Hawk actress for a little bit, the bond didn’t last. The performer continued:

“And I guess for a while we had a real friendship, but it’s hard for somebody like her. She doesn’t really want somebody around who reflects too much of who she is. Therefore, her relationships just don’t last.”

Oof. That’s a pretty harsh judgment to pass, don’t you think? Wow.

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Earlier this year, Bernhard opened up about the former friendship in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, spilling as much tea as possible without trying to reignite a feud, saying:

“I mean, it’s sort of hard to talk about it 30 years later. But I can tell you that when we were friends 30 years ago, it was a completely different time. And she was a much different person. I mean, I don’t know how she is now. She might be exactly the same. I don’t know. But nobody’s the same because we have children. Life changes you. But at that time, it was the right time for our friendship.”

Luckily, it doesn’t sound like either of the ex-besties have bad blood for the other. Or at least if they do, they’re not spilling that tea publicly!

Sandra insisted the duo had “a lot of fun” when they were attached at the hip, but because that relationship fizzled she didn’t feel comfortable getting too in-depth about where they stand now. Frankly, because the friendship “doesn’t exist in its present state,” she concluded:

“There’s not much to reflect on it at this point, other than it was a good time. Good time was had by all.”

Keeping it pretty tight-lipped these days! But we’re sure lots of fans picked up on those shady comments. Did U?! Sound OFF with your reactions (below)!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/Stefan Jeremiah/WENN/NBC/YouTube]

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