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Matty Healy's Friends Mock Taylor Swift's Eating Disorder & Call Her Mom 'Miss Piggy' In Resurfaced Podcast!

Matty Healy's Friends Mock Taylor Swift's Eating Disorder & Call Her Mom 'Miss Piggy' In Resurfaced Podcast!

The more we learn about Matty Healy, the more bewildering it is that he’s dating Taylor Swift!

The musicians’ rumored relationship has been put on blast a ton over the last few weeks as fans have been digging into The 1975 frontman’s past only to discover a series of disturbing behaviors and commentary. As one example, he was seen seemingly doing a Nazi salute on stage in January amid claims he’s racist, antisemitic, and anti-Muslim.

Then in February, he sat down for a lengthy and very controversial conversation on his friend’s podcast, The Adam Friedland Show. It was deemed so inappropriate, Spotify and Apple Music removed it from their platforms! During the episode, they make racially-charged digs at Ice Spice, mock a variety of accents, and Matty jokes about masturbating to Black women being “brutalized” on a hardcore porn website known as Ghetto Gaggers. Also, back in 2016 when there were rumors he was dating the singer-songwriter, the Chocolate crooner said it’d be “emasculating” to be TayTay’s boyfriend.

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All of this has led Swifties to start the #SpeakUpNow campaign begging the Anti-Hero artist to speak up against the harmful things her rumored new boyfriend has said and done. She’s also been branded “another complicit white woman” causing fans to cancel their preorders of her upcoming album and sell their once-coveted tickets to The Eras Tour! Damn!

It’s bad enough to hear the things Matty’s said about her, but now his friends are getting dragged into the controversy for speaking just as cruelly — if not more — about Taylor and her mother!

Recently, the English artist was pictured wearing merch from Red Scare, a cultural commentary podcast hosted by Dasha Nekrasova and Anna Khachiyan. Both women are critics of liberalism, feminism, and the “woke” movement. Their podcast guests have included the likes of Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and Ann Coulter. Also, Matty is good friends with Dasha, who used to date Adam Friedland, and they were seen together in March, per Deux Moi.

So, with this in mind, fans were shocked when they heard a 2020 episode of Red Scare titled Make Americana Great Again, in which the hosts discussed the performer’s documentary, Miss Americana. Amid the 30-minute rant, the women called the doc “very masterful propaganda” and called Taylor “literally the walking, talking embodiment of liberalism in that she’s a person who cannot acknowledge their capacity for monstrousness or evil, which is the source of all their problems.” Their attention then turned to a portion of the film in which Taylor expresses concern about then-president Donald Trump calling her out if she tweeted about her democratic views. Anna teased:

“She was like: ‘The president’s gonna come for me, he is going to throw me in one of those dreamer detention camps. He’s gonna separate me from my Miss Piggy mother!’”


Did they really just call Andrea Swift “Miss Piggy”?! What the F**K! The hosts then praised Trump for how “well” he handled Taylor’s tweet, laughing:

“You come for the king you better not miss, Taylor.”

Elsewhere, they shared a “conspiracy theory” that Taylor’s dad Scott Swift is a Trump supporter, “and she’s probably also secretly a Trump supporter.” Things then got gross as Anna and Dasha revealed they “gasped” in disgust when Taylor revealed her current clothes size while opening up about suffering from an eating disorder. Dasha argued:

“I don’t think she was ever anorexic, I don’t buy it.”

Anna agreed, adding, “I kind of don’t, either.” They went on to guess the Grammy winner’s metabolism “caught up with her” and that the same thing happened to Rihanna in her late 20s, but “Rihanna pulls it off better.” Even more shockingly, they then said she looked her best when she was “extremely underweight” and speculated she got “breast implants and ass injections” to “balance out” her body.

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Moving to another controversial topic, the conservatives put Taylor on blast for “ruining the life of some totally inconsequential DJ” while discussing her 2017 sexual assault trial against David Mueller. A jury ruled in the pop star’s favor after the former DJ filed a defamation case against her because she accused him of reaching under her skirt and grabbing her ass during a 2013 meet-and-greet.

Continuing to make fun of her sex appeal, the women suggested maybe Taylor “doesn’t want to f**k,” noting:

“She has whatever the opposite of a libido is.”

They also believed Taylor “essentially” wants to call Kanye West “the N-word” while arguing her feminism is “a direct response to Black masculinity.” Before ending the podcast, they even called the All Too Well star a “Nazi” who is “incredibly privileged and incredibly monstrous.”

Holy s**t…

Mind you, this isn’t even the only resurfaced podcast that’s concerned fans! Swifties also discovered Matty’s talk on The Green Room in 2020 in which he criticized his now-girlfriend’s performative activism, saying:

“They’ll wait until something’s been workshopped woke enough to feel like you’re making a statement when you’re not.”


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While this isn’t exactly a new critique for the Midnights creative, it’s still surprising to see her own love interest speak so poorly of her! Taking to Reddit to express their frustrations over this relationship, fans said of the Red Scare podcast:

“Once again, no idea why she continues to date him. She has no self respect whatsoever”

“Can’t imagine my boyfriend being friends with people that would mock me in any way and even worse my mom.”

“And they didn‘t even make fun about her being a privileged rich white woman, but rather about her looks. ‘-‘ Apparently calling Andrea ‘Miss Piggy,’ which is so derogatory that I actually feel bad for them.”

Coming for her mother was def a low blow! Not to mention how shocking it is to hear them trash talk some VERY vulnerable aspects of Taylor’s life!!! Matty has already addressed backlash and refused to apologize for his behavior, so we don’t think he’s going to care much about this… but what about Taylor? Is she fine to ignore all of this? What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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