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'F**king With The Wrong Ex': Meghan King Hits Back HARD At Jim Edmonds!

Meghan King Responds To Ex Jim Edmonds' Claims About Her 'Lies' -- And She's NOT Holding Back!!

When one speaks out, you just KNOW the other one is going to follow in short order.

We’re not talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (Although we could say this about them, too. Ha!) No, this time around, all the clapback content is focused on the never-ending saga between exes Jim Edmonds and Meghan King.

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On Friday morning, we reported on Jim’s hour-long interview with Hollywood Raw that took place this week. The 52-year-old baseball veteran and his new wife Kortnie O’Connor sat down with the podcast to talk for an hour about the Real Housewives of Orange County alum. Seriously, pretty much the whole hour was about Meghan. Jim went IN again and again on the ex-wife with whom he shares 6-year-old daughter Aspen and 3-year-old twin sons Hayes and Hart.

And now Meghan is firing back!! Meghan just released a new ep of her own Intimate Knowledge podcast. In it, she attempted to address Jim and Kortnie’s allegations against her. Understandably, the Bravo alum was thrown by Edmonds’ aggressive tactics in his interview days ago. She said as much on Friday as she tried to find her footing early in her show:

“[It was] 59 minutes of bashing me, f**king bashing me. Do you know what that’s like? To sit there and listen to that? … That’s hard to hear. … I sat there for all 59 minutes, it was hard to hear, hard to hear the lies, hard to hear the vitriol.”

The mom of three continued on, reporting she felt “deflated” and “disappointed” after Jim’s comments. She explained:

“Overall my reaction was, I was deflated and very disappointed. Initially, I was angry and frustrated but I’ve been through so much trauma with this individual that I’ve learned to quickly process it and then compartmentalize it. I’ve had to do that in order to survive, in order to move on because it’s constant.”


And Meghan had a straightforward message for Kortnie, too. Addressing O’Connor’s claims about how difficult co-parenting has been, King replied:

“Nasty, nasty accusations that are f**kng untrue.”


But after that general reaction, Meghan got specific. The 38-year-old former reality TV star most passionately addressed her son Hart’s health. As we’ve been reporting, Hart was first diagnosed with a brain condition called periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) several years ago. Then, late in 2020, Meghan revealed he had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, too.

In his podcast comments this week, Jim acknowledged the first diagnosis but pushed back on the second one. To Meghan, that denial about the CP diagnosis was very, very hurtful. She made an impassioned plea about the situation:

“Hart has cerebral palsy, Jim! What kind of father doesn’t know that? That is so sad! It breaks my heart.”

King also said on her new ep that Jim “has not attended one elective, specialty doctor’s appointment” for Hart since the ex-couple initially split back in October 2019. She claimed:

“When I say that, I mean neurologist, ophthalmologist, audiologist — he’s never gone to one IEP [Individualized Education Program] meeting. None of that. Therefore, when Hart was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in October 2020, Jim wasn’t there.”

And she continued:

“[Jim has] never asked to see Hart’s medical records. He has access to them. He has access to the CP diagnosis. It has been given to all [Hart’s] schools, all his teachers. … I have them printed out in Hart’s file sitting right next to me.”


Meghan came with facts in another portion of her new podcast, too. Remember, in his earlier comments, the former St. Louis Cardinals star addressed Meghan’s temporary restraining order against him from late last summer. Jim claimed it was actually “a protection order,” and tried to downplay the situation. Kortnie then added the order “was never served to us.”

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But now Meghan says there’s a reason for that!! As she explained on Intimate Knowledge, the order was purposely served to Jim’s attorney instead:

“It was a restraining order. … Here it is! This is the temporary restraining order. Right here, filed, it’s public, anyone can get it. It’s real. The reason you weren’t served is because your f**kng attorney was served in lieu of you!”

Frustrated as could be by that point in the show, King added:

“My God, I feel like I’m preaching to, like, two-year-olds!”

In sum, the Bravo alum neatly laid out the two truths she claims Jim is coming up short on with his latest public comments:

“Hart has CP. I had a temporary restraining order that is now a consent order with the same terms.”

And since she came with receipts in her podcast ep, Meghan added this not-so-subtle warning at the very end:

“Don’t forget, Jim Edmonds, that you are f**king with the wrong ex-wife.”

Case dismissed!

…Or is it? As it turns out, Edmonds’ rep has ALREADY responded to King’s latest podcast episode! In a statement to Page Six on Friday morning, the rep shared:

“As usual, thirsty Meghan continues to make up stories to keep herself in the media.”

Ummmm wait a minute. So the former MLB All-Star goes on a podcast and talks about his ex-wife for an hour. Then, she responds. And then he calls her “thirsty” for responding to him?! Is that the timeline here? Jim, dude, come on! You don’t get to start the fight and then criticize the other party for responding to the fight you started!!! Just saying!

Whew. It’s all a lot, tho.

Reactions to all these reactions, Perezicous readers?? Share ’em down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jim Edmonds/Instagram/Meghan King/Instagram]

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