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Inside Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus' NASTY Family Feud! All The Latest...

Inside Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus' NASTY Family Feud!

Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray are still feuding — and she doesn’t seem ready to let bygones be bygones anytime soon.

Earlier this month during her Grammys acceptance speech, the Flowers singer not-so-subtly shaded her dad when she left him out of her list of thanks. It made it feel pretty clear that the two still haven’t reconciled since he and her mom Tish separated in 2022. But it sounds like he’s tried reaching out in recent weeks?! On Wednesday, an insider told Us Weekly:

“[Billy Ray has] tried reaching out to Miley many times and congratulated her on her Grammys.”

Inneresting. “Tried” makes his attempts sound unsuccessful — which checks out with what we’ve been hearing for a couple years now about how the Hannah Montana alum feels. The insider added that “the kids have chosen sides.” Oof!

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As we’ve been following, Tish’s wedding to Dominic Purcell last summer raised eyebrows after only three of Tish and Billy Ray’s kids were in attendance. Miley, Brandi, and Trace were there, while younger siblings Noah and Braison skipped out, instead choosing to spend the day gallivanting around El Lay — which seemingly sent a message about their stance. Knowing all that context, the source told the outlet:

“Miley and Billy Ray are on the outs. Miley’s very close with her mom and is standing by her.”

Yes, that’s what we’ve been hearing. But as far as Noah, the insider dished she’s “always been close with Billy Ray,” which has now “caused a rift between her and Miley.” Oh, man! So this family drama is SERIOUS! What makes it even worse is that the parents are NOT friendly — so there’s no healthy example to show all the kids that it’s okay to share the love. The source shared of the exes:

“There’s nothing left to say, and they both harbor resentment.”

Yeah, and that was sure made clear during Tish’s recent appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast where she spoke about respect… A second insider added:

“The family dynamics haven’t been the same since the divorce, and now that Tish and Billy Ray are with other people, there’s even more division among them all.”

While Tish remarried Dominic, Billy Ray, for his part, did the same with Firerose — who’s 27 years his junior. But still, it was their mom’s wedding that Noah and Braison “opted not to go” to:

“It’s no secret neither of them approves of Dominic, and that’s created tension with their mom.”

And it sounds like Miley feels JUST as strongly, but in favor of her mom. A third source added:

“Miley hasn’t gotten over the disrespect she feels Billy Ray showed Tish and the family.”

We have a feeling there won’t be any family reunions anytime soon, to say the least. But while everyone seems to be at odds, it sounds like friends are hoping for a more united future. The first source dished:

“Friends are hoping the rift doesn’t last forever.”

Yeah, no kidding. We hope it doesn’t either!

What are your thoughts on this latest update, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via British Vogue, Call Her Daddy, Cosmopolitan, & NBC/YouTube]

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