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Ariel Fulmer Gives Shaky Update On Relationship Status With Ned Following His Cheating Scandal!

Ariel Fulmer Says She And Ned Are ‘Working On Working Things Out’ After Cheating Scandal!

Ned Fulmer isn’t done trying… to save his marriage!

The former Try Guys member has had a hell of a week after getting fired from his own YouTube group for cheating on his wife with a producer on the show. But surprisingly, it doesn’t appear like he and Ariel Fulmer are being so quick to call it quits!

As we already reported, Ned and Ariel were spotted together leaving their home to drop off their kids at school on Wednesday morning, just one day after Ned confirmed his affair. Oddly, they took separate cars but ended up at the same palace. Still, they were wearing their wedding rings which seemed like a strong sign they were trying to get through this controversy together. Is that really the case, though?!

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Well, now we have an even better update on their relationship status!

Later in the day on Wednesday, the couple was spotted getting into a Tesla together to pick up their young kids, Wesley and Finley. Things didn’t look too tense, and they even stopped to chat with a photographer! In a video obtained by TMZ, the couple was asked if they are “working things out.” Ariel paused before getting into the passenger side of the vehicle, responding carefully:

“Yeah. We’re working on working things out.”

Hmm. That sounds a long way from confident, but it’s better than nothing — at least where Ned’s concerned! The fact she’s willing to speak publicly about this at all and isn’t just, you know, going full Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats on the YouTuber’s Tesla is a pretty damn good sign if you ask us!

The couple then got into the car before the content creator could share his business plans for the future. It remains unclear what his next steps are, but heck, he probably doesn’t even know yet, if we’re being honest. We’re sure he’s had enough on his plate just trying to mend things with his wife! Check out their interaction (below)!

We’re just hoping they can figure out their issues as amicably as possible for the sake of the little ones — whether in the end that means sticking together or splitting up. After such a public transgression, it’s hard to see a marriage surviving… But then again, it has been known to happen!

Do you think they’ll be able to repair their relationship? Let us know your predictions (below!)

[Image via Ned Fulmer/Instagram]

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