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Nick Cannon Takes 'Full Accountability' For Jessica White Relationship Problems After Miscarriage

Nick Cannon Takes 'Full Accountability' For Jessica White Relationship Problems After Miscarriage

Nick Cannon is looking back on his relationship with Jessica White.

The Daily Cannon host and his former girlfriend have a tough history together… If you didn’t know, the two were expecting a child together in 2020, but sadly, White lost the baby in a miscarriage. The two remained together for a bit, but eventually broke things off after Nick announced with Brittany Bell in June of the same year that they were expecting their second child together — just weeks after White miscarried.

A year later, the Victoria’s Secret runway model appeared on The Jason Lee Show, where she open up about how difficult it was hearing of Nick’s new baby news with Bell, as she was still going through “hormonal changes” following her miscarriage:

“She was aware that I had just had a miscarriage, two weeks prior to her news coming out, because he told me that he told her. And I was living at his house, she knew that as well. But I found out on Instagram along with the rest of the world.”

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She added at the time:

“I was going through still my hormonal changes, and we were about to start in vitro. So when I came out, people thought I was this homewrecker. No, there was a real-life going on. I was bullied for months with that whole situation. I still tried to be nice about it. We didn’t break up right away, we tried to work things out.”

In the time since, the Wild ‘n Out host has remained relatively mum about the situation… Until now. While appearing on the same show White did in 2021, Nick addressed the situation to Lee, who he felt played a role in the “negativity.” He began:

“She’s been my muse for a long time. One of the reasons why is because that woman has overcome so much, and is just a light and an angel to so many, who operates on a higher frequency. But also, when it’s sensitive and delicate, so when you have outside influences and people talking and always in your business, you can’t treat an angel like that. You can’t constantly put negativity on somebody who can’t handle negativity. She don’t speak negativity, so when she gets in these settings, and you manipulate her to talk bad about me, because you know she loves me…”

He and Lee then went back and forth about the way in which White announced her miscarriage news, before Nick inputted on that situation himself:

“When she shared that, when it comes to any of the mothers of my children, those types of things — as someone who has lost a child, especially when you’re dealing with a mother, there’s no age or stage where you can say what their emotions should be when losing that child.”

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He continued:

“Because of the power of the media and who I am in the media, she felt like there was a narrative that — that they say about all the mothers of my children, all of this low-frequency negativity.”

He went on to own up to any role he may have played in White’s struggle at the time:

“I take full accountability. I want her to share her true and honest story at any time. These women will tell their story when their time, when they’re ready to do it. I want that. I don’t want to ever speak for any of them because I know they can speak for themselves. Even in times of pain, even in times of darkness, I’m leaning on them.”

Watch his full interview (below):

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[Images via Jessica White/Instagram & REVOLT/YouTube]

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