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Nicki Minaj Threatened & Doxxed 2 Reporters Who Allegedly Reached Out To Her Family About Her COVID Vaccine Claims

Nicki Minaj Threatened & Doxxed 2 Reporters Who Allegedly Reached Out To Her Family About Her COVID Vaccine Claims

Nicki Minaj just took things way too far!

The 38-year-old rapper, who has come under fire for spreading anti-vax misinformation over the past week, has now used her massive platform in order to threaten and share personal information of some reporters looking into her claim about her cousin’s friend’s swollen balls.

In case you somehow missed it, Minaj kicked off the week by tweeting that she would not attend the 2021 Met Gala because guests were required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and she is not. The Super Bass hitmaker claimed she hadn’t “done enough research” yet to make a decision — despite science proving that getting vaccinated is the best way to combat coronavirus. ​​

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She then went into this insane story about an alleged adverse side effect from the vaccine that caused a friend of a friend to experience testicular swelling. FYI, the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci both debunked the claim and said there is “no evidence” that supports it affecting someone’s reproductive health.

So you would think this whole debacle would end there? However, on Friday afternoon, Minaj reportedly shared screenshots on her Instagram Story that showed a conversation from a Guardian reporter (we are not sharing the name here; you can find it for yourself if you want), who attempted to reach out to some of her family members in Trinidad. While there is no way to confirm that these were legit text messages, the person allegedly asked to speak with the artist’s cousin and the friend who supposedly had an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

The journalist then insinuated that CNN was also looking for an interview and suggested that the competing outlet would share their personal information while assuring that the Guardian would not. Minaj apparently did not take this too kindly, so she attempted to dox the reporter by posting their phone number and a couple of pictures of the reporter on her IG Story. According to The Daily Beast, she wrote at the time:


The Other Woman star also uploaded the business card of a journalist from the Daily Mail. She added on her IG Stories:

“Threatening my family in Trinidad won’t bode well for you.”

Minaj continued:

“They’re forcing my family to have to hide out. This is what speaking up looks like. Millions of poor people are treated this way by the ppl you think are the ‘good guys.’ This is unconscionable.”

While Nicki understandably can be upset that people are contacting her family, there is absolutely NO reason to be sharing someone’s personal information online and inviting her 157 million followers to potentially harass and cyberbully two individuals. It’s beyond f**ked up and unnecessary. And let’s be real here, it serves as nothing more than a distraction from her husband Kenneth Petty’s ongoing legal issues.

Thoughts on the situation, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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