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The Catalyst For Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde's Split Happened All The Way Back In 2019!

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis Split Reason

There have been a ton of celebrity couples who have broken up during the pandemic, and tbh most are pretty obvious — big stars not used to being forced to spend so much time with each other and just not handling the extra stress well at all. But this is one split we are still trying to figure out.

See, we learned about Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis‘ breakup just a couple weeks ago. But as much as the end of their seven year engagement came as a shock to the world, it wasn’t actually new news. No, they’d actually quietly split up months beforehand!

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In fact, a new source revealed to ET on Monday that the “beginning of the end” for the couple was actually in 2019! So what was that inciting incident??

The couple moving out of their home in Brooklyn, New York and becoming more full-time residents of El Lay.

We even know from a previous source spilling to Us Weekly who took which side of the argument:

“Like most couples, they had disagreements, they were bicoastal but Jason loved living in New York and Olivia, who was born in NYC, was leaning more toward Los Angeles.”

Toward Los Angeles and her skyrocketing career as one of Hollywood’s hottest new directors, from what we understand.

After the success of Booksmart, she is now working on a sci-fi relationship thriller called Don’t Worry Darling with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. She also just signed on to direct a Marvel/Sony picture that everyone assumes to be the first ever Spider-Woman movie.

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So yes, that’s a lot of success — but with that comes a change of lifestyle. Add to that a geographical representation of forging ahead, in the form of moving to Hollyweird permanently, and there you have it. A couple moving in slightly different directions grows apart.

But fans of the couple should not worry, according to ET‘s source, who assures:

“There was absolutely no drama or scandal, they just didn’t work as a couple anymore. If you’re looking for a juicy story, there just isn’t one.”

We are almost always looking for a juicy story. But in this case, when two perfectly sweet people split up — and children are involved? No, we’d rather this one be nice and boring.

Another source — this one close to Olivia — confirms the breakup “was completely mutual” and that “nothing dramatic happened.” It all sounds incredibly healthy as the insider continues:

“They just fell out of love in a romantic way, but still have love towards one another as people. They consider themselves friends and co-parents first and foremost. They are committed to co-parenting successfully for the sake of Otis and Daisy and have done a great job so far at staying connected in a healthy way for their relationship and for their children.”

#BreakupGoals right??

And the couple seems to have their priorities in the right place, too. The first source says:

“Of course their kids are their number one priority and at the forefront of any decision they make… They adore each other and have nothing but the utmost respect for one another.”

Even when it comes to those big career moves? Yup! Since breaking up, Jason has sung Olivia’s praises, telling ET recently about her drive as a director:

“It’s amazing to see her resilience and she just works her butt off. She’s editing the stuff they already shot. She’s using her time and she has so many other projects in the works that she kicks ass that way.”

Awww! And their source confirms:

“They will continue to be each other’s biggest supporters, especially when it comes to parenting their children and their careers. They see each other all the time still.”

They sound like good co-parents to us. And REALLY good exes.

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