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Shocking 911 Call Reveals Awful Final Moments For Boyfriend Of OnlyFans Model & Accused Killer Courtney Clenney

Shocking 911 Call Reveals Awful Final Moments For Boyfriend Of OnlyFans Model & Accused Killer Courtney Clenney

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

New details are coming out in the case of the OnlyFans model accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death.

We’ve been reporting on the case of Courtney Clenney, a social media influencer and well-known adult model on the app. Back in April, she was arrested after allegedly fatally stabbing her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli.

This week, new police body cam footage was released of an incident that occurred just days before Obumseli’s death. In that situation, cops responded to Clenney’s condo in a high-rise building in Miami. There, she begged for a restraining order against Obumseli and claimed he had been abusive towards her.

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Now, the 911 call from the April day of Obumseli’s death has been released. The audio was first obtained by the Miami Herald and published on Tuesday night. It reveals a shocking and grisly scene in which Clenney frantically begged first responders for help while Obumseli bled to death.

At one point during the call, the late 27-year-old can be heard screaming in agony in the background. While in obvious pain after being severely stabbed in the torso, the man groans:

“I can’t feel my arm. I can’t feel my arm.”


Clenney was the one who called police after the incident. She can be heard understandably horrified and in shock while on the phone with the dispatcher. At one point, she says:

“My boyfriend is dying of a stab wound. Baby I’m so sorry.”

The dispatcher asks for the address to Clenney’s high-rise building, and she gives that information so paramedics can respond. While relaying the location, the OnlyFans model also begs in vain for help for Obumseli:

“Please god, please! Come save my boyfriend!”

So awful.

The full 911 call is intense, so be warned. But if you wish to hear it, as first published by the Miami Herald, you can do so at the link HERE.

Clenney has since been charged with second-degree murder in Obumseli’s death. Prosecutors in Miami have said the couple’s relationship was “extremely tempestuous and combative.” They also accuse the model of allegedly being the “aggressor” in the situation. The attorney representing the young man’s family, Larry Handfield, agreed with that prosecutorial assessment. In comments to the Miami Herald following the release of the 911 call, he said:

“It [the call] shows her state of mind. She’s saying she’s sorry because she’s realizing what she’s done. She’s not saying ‘I was defending myself.'”

However, Clenney’s legal team is pushing back against that.

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As we’ve been reporting, her lawyers are intent on arguing self-defense from an abusive relationship. And following the 911 call’s release, her attorney Frank Prieto released a new statement to Fox News Digital:

“The 911 call that Courtney made to get help for Obumseli captures the chaos, confusion, and raw emotion Courtney experienced after she was forced to defend herself. The audio of Courtney’s call to 911 is clearly not an admission of guilt; it is a human and humane reaction to the traumatic events and actions she took to save her life that night. As with many victims of domestic violence, Courtney allowed her abuser back into her apartment despite knowing their relationship was toxic; however, her actions that evening were taken in defense of her own life.”


Although nobody knows what happened in the moments leading up to his death, it’s not uncommon for women who’ve been abused to still feel guilty even when they act in self-defense. She had JUST asked for a restraining order days prior.

As we’ve noted in other recent reports, Clenney’s next court date is scheduled for early November.

[Image via Miami-Dade County Jail/WPLG Local 10 News/YouTube]

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