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Pink Spills The Secret To Her Successful 15-Year Marriage To Carey Hart!

Pink Spills The Secret To Her Successful 15-Year Marriage To Carey Hart!

Pink and Carey Hart are as happy as ever!

In an interview with Extra on Tuesday, the 41-year-old singer opened up about why her 15-year marriage to the former motocross pro has lasted for so long through all of the ups and down. She explain that it is all thanks to their love and the power of therapy:

“For us, the answer is there’s no quit button. Unless we find one. Right now, we don’t have one. But it’s also couples’ counseling. Learning how to speak the same language, ’cause we don’t speak the same language.”

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Even more so, the momma of two doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of their divorced families:

“We love being a family. And we both come from families that gave up, and that’s okay. That was their journey, that was the journey we all were supposed to be on. But for us, we don’t want to do that.”

Pink, who just released her new Amazon Prime documentary All I Know So Far, also took the time to praise her hubby for encouraging all the goals and dreams she has had throughout her career. She expressed:

“A lot of people get Carey wrong when they think, ‘Oh [he is] this moto-dude, hypermasculine and tattoos. He’s just the most sensitive, supportive guy in the world. He never says no. Any dream I’ve ever had, ‘Yes, I’m with you. Whatever you want to do.’ It takes swallowing egos sometimes. It’s beautiful because it allows us to have this crazy, magical adventure and the kids.”

We love to see the support!!

Over the years, the songwriter has not been shy about the struggles within her relationship — even when the pair separated for nearly a year in 2008. The So What artist previously told People they’ve both put in the work together and individually to help save their marriage, saying:

“I am a huge proponent of counseling in general. We both have therapy, individually, and we do couples counseling. Long-term relationships are not easy. It is much easier to stay in the solid days and jump from relationship to relationship, because then you don’t have to fix the problems that keep recurring. You have to end up fixing yourself; you can’t fix the other person.”

A relationship takes a whole lot of labor and love, that is for sure! The former Choice member continued:

“So it can be challenging, and there’s good days and there’s bad days. I think it’s an impossible expectation for you to think that you’re going to evolve at exactly the same pace as another person in exactly the same direction. So it takes work to redefine what’s important. I don’t want to break up my family. That’s been my main goal, since I had a broken family. So sometimes you have to let it go. You can’t die on every mountain.”

We are always so glad to see these two doing so well!! What are your reactions to what Pink had to say about her marriage to Carey? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN, Pink/Instagram]

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