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Brooklyn Beckham Debuts MASSIVE New Shoulder Tat Honoring Wife Nicola Peltz! That's A Lot Of Ink!

Brooklyn Beckham Debuts MASSIVE New Shoulder Tat Honoring Wife Nicola Peltz! That's A Lot Of Ink!

Brooklyn Beckham isn’t afraid to show his love for his wife ALL over his body!

As Perezcious readers damn well know, the 23-year-old son of stars Victoria and David Beckham likes to show how much he adores wife Nicola Peltz Beckham by inking up his body with eternal adornments for her. And this week, he revealed ANOTHER fresh tattoo in her honor during a new interview!

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The celebrity, uhh, chef (or stylist?!) appeared on E! News‘ show The Rundown with host Erin Lim Rhodes on Tuesday night. The duo sat down to chat about Brooklyn’s life and career(s). Naturally, Erin asked about his lovely spouse, too. Brooklyn is ALL about Nicola, so he didn’t miss a beat when prompted! When Rhodes queried the London-born star about his penchant for permanently putting his love all over his body, he responded:

“It was pretty soon after we started dating, and I am half covered with stuff for her. I have like over 20 dedicated to her.”

Whoa!! So, as we’ve previously reported, Brooklyn has said he has waaaaay more than 20 tattoos dedicated to Nicola. Maybe he’s covered up some small ones with even larger ones to bring the number down?!

Whatever the current total on his body may be, he’s not worried about fans who say his obsession is unhealthy. The so-in-love celeb son said:

“They’re very addictive, especially when you love someone you just want to cover everywhere.”

And for him, it’s not just about the artwork. In fact, it’s not even primarily about the artwork! As addictive as the ink may be, Brooklyn really just cherishes being able to show his love for his 28-year-old wife!

He told The Rundown:

“I think once you find that person that you just can’t live without, I think it’s so like easy. I love her more than anything. I always try to make her happy. That’s all I do.”


Oh, and there’s one other cute little tidbit coming out of this new interview. Rhodes pressed Brooklyn on whether he was getting into the family planning stages at all with his new bride. Rather than shy away from the personal question, he responded VERY positively — but admitted it’s ultimately Nicola’s choice:

“I can’t wait to have kids. I could have so many but it’s obviously totally up to her.”

Damn!! So that might be something to look forward to in the near future??

You can see Brooklyn’s full interview and tattoo reveal (below):

Love it!

…But also, we wonder what’s with the context here. Brooklyn ostensibly used the chat to promote himself as the new face of the Nextmilk campaign which, fine, whatever. But the timing of this sit-down goes deeper than that!

Earlier this week, Page Six revealed two wedding planners have filed a lawsuit against Nicola’s mother Claudia Peltz over the s**t show run-up to Brooklyn and Nicola’s wedding last April. Those docs claim Claudia was hiding the “true cost” of the wedding from her billionaire husband Nelson, and in doing so, tried to get the two wedding planners to help deceive him of what was going on. The star-studded ceremony ended up going down in south Florida and reportedly cost $3 million. But apparently not before a TON of drama went down behind the scenes.

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Per that Page Six report, which first dropped back on Monday, wedding planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba say they were brought in to plan the nuptials just six weeks before the ceremony date. Then, after only nine days on the job, they were supposedly canned by Claudia. In the months since, Nelson has claimed the planners refused to return a $159,000 deposit. But in this new countersuit, they say it was actually the Peltz family who breached contract!

In the court docs, the two planners claim:

“It is believed that Nelson Peltz paid more than $100,000 plus travel expenses for Nicola’s hair and makeup services for the wedding. Claudia mentioned to [the planners] that Nelson could not know the cost of the hair and makeup, or he would ‘kill her, and be so mad.'”

The two event experts went on elsewhere in the claim, further asserting it ended up being impossible to get Nicola and Claudia to review and finalize guest lists:

“[The planners] attempted every which way to get Nicola and Claudia to review the guest lists, but they simply would not cooperate. Notwithstanding their lack of cooperation, Nicola repeatedly demanded live updates regarding guest RSVPs. … Nicola continued sending text messages in a [group chat] adding and removing certain guests — making the task of creating a comprehensive and complete guest list a moving target.”


Braghin and Grijalba went on to allege in this week’s new filing that Claudia and Nicola were supposedly horrified at the thought of their world-famous soon-to-be-in-laws finding out about any missteps during the planning process:

“Both Claudia and Nicola had insisted that Victoria Beckham could not know about any internal mistakes regarding the ongoing planning of her son’s wedding, including any errors with the guest list.”

Juicy AF!!

And now, back to Brooklyn! He pops up several times in the suit, too. At one point, per the news org, Nicola “berated” the two planners for asking the Beckham son to give his input on the wedding. In a text message about a planning inquiry, she allegedly wrote to them:

“I do not trust Brooklyn with this. U should be asking an assistant. He has no idea. And is guessing.”

Guessing. And also saying crazy s**t?!

In a second text filed as part of the lawsuit, the planners claim Brooklyn wrote this to them at one point about putting together more privacy for the April 2022 ceremony:

“Get [one of] those guns that shoots a net, because there’s probably gonna be drones [launched by the media].”

Wait… WHAT?!

Basically, all this new tattoo talk makes us wonder whether the couple’s PR team isn’t running rampant trying to get distractions out there to deflect from juicy suit details. Ya know?!

Anyways, we have an idea about a tattoo for Brooklyn: an image of one of ‘those guns that shoots a net,’ and the net is being shot out at his new portrait of Nicola, implying he is catching her in his web of love for life. LOLz!!!

[Image via Nicola Peltz Beckham/Instagram/E! News/YouTube]

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