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Prince Harry Pitched A Podcast Where He'd Interview Putin & Trump About Their Childhoods??

Prince Harry Pitched A Podcast Where He'd Interview Putin & Trump About Their Childhoods??

Prince Harry loves to stir the pot — and we’re not just talking about all the royal family drama he’s incited! Apparently, he had a wild idea for a podcast that would’ve been bound to create controversy!

As Perezcious readers know, Harry and Meghan Markle ended their partnership with Spotify last week after signing a reported $20 million deal back in 2020. The couple was expected to “produce and host podcasts” — yes, plural! — throughout the three-year agreement, but, as we all know, they only produced one full season of the Suits alum’s show, Archetypes, which didn’t come out until 2022! Plus there was the stand-alone 2020 Archewell Audio Holiday Special.

Why in the world didn’t they produce more? And how come Harry never released a show of his own? These are the questions on everyone’s minds right now — and we’re finally getting some more scoop!

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Several sources told Bloomberg on Thursday that the Duke of Sussex did pitch several ideas for podcasts of his own — but they were completely unreasonable!

According to those in the know, who asked to be anonymous since they weren’t supposed to be talking about the Sussexes’ work, Harry spoke with several producers and production houses about show ideas he had. The 38-year-old was also pitched concepts from podcast professionals, but, for the most part, he preferred his ideas. Which maybe wasn’t the best move!

The number 1 idea the Invictus Games founder had was to host a show about childhood trauma. And more specifically, he wanted to interview lots of controversial guests — like Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg, and Donald Trump — about their early years to figure out how they became the adults they are today.

On the one hand, a show about childhood trauma makes perfect sense coming from Harry! After everything he’s been through after losing his mom, Princess Diana, so young and growing up in the public eye, we can understand why this was of interest. But interviewing people like Trump?! Do we really need to be giving such controversial people more of a platform? Not to mention one that seems to glorify them? Uh-uh!

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Most of the people Harry pitched this series to were skeptical he could even make it work since the figures he wanted to chat with rarely give interviews — let alone ones that break down their childhoods! It was way too far-fetched!

As for other ideas he had, some seemed really doable. One idea was for a show centered around fatherhood while another would focus on large societal conversations (such as climate change and religion). Harry hoped to have Pope Francis on as a guest. Again, seems like a difficult person to book — even for a prince!

Probably because some of these ideas were too complicated, Harry never ended up releasing a podcast of his own. Which is still so shocking! It would have been relatively easy for him to chat about mental health or various social causes — heck, he could’ve hired other staffers to do all the interviewing for him like Meghan is rumored to have done! But, instead, he just collected his bag for as little effort as possible. Sigh.

Would U have liked to see Harry sit down with folks like Putin or Trump? Or are you glad this idea never came to fruition? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & NBC News/CNBC Television/YouTube]

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