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So THIS Is Why Kelly Clarkson Is Going After Brandon Blackstock Again With That New Lawsuit!

So THIS Is Why Kelly Clarkson Is Going After Brandon Blackstock Again With That New Lawsuit!

Kelly Clarkson is taking back her power — and she wants her money back, too!

As we reported last week, the American Idol alum just filed a new lawsuit against her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. In that suit, she claims Brandon and his father Narvel Blackstock‘s management company Starstruck Entertainment violated state labor laws by acting as unlicensed talent agents in booking deals on her behalf. In turn, she wants commissions, fees, profits, advances, and other payments dating all the way back to 2007 when she first signed with the agency! Basically, she wants to get what she’s allegedly owed — and what she’s been owed for almost two decades!!

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Of course, Kelly has made tons of money through her music ventures and things like the Kelly Clarkson Show. And she still owes Brandon child support payments following their divorce, too. Specifically, she’s on the hook for $45,601 per month in child support for the ex-duo’s two kids River, 9, and Remington, 7. And to finalize their divorce, she also paid Brandon a one-time fee of over $1.3 million in addition to monthly $115,000 alimony payments, although those ended at the start of this year.

But to hear the superstar singer’s side of this never-ending fight, this latest lawsuit isn’t about clawing back dollars from the divorce settlement. It’s about clawing back ownership over her career and life! Speaking to Us Weekly about it, an insider said:

“Filing this lawsuit against Brandon had nothing to do with her alimony payments. It’s about fighting for what she feels is right and owed to her.”

The 41-year-old singer is apparently dead-set on making things right from her perspective. Even though she knows she won’t be done with her former manager-slash-husband because of co-parenting responsibilities, she can at least sleep easier knowing that she is fighting for herself:

“She knows she can never completely wash her hands of Brandon because they are her children’s father, but she also won’t be taken advantage of.”

Well damn! As for the alimony payments which ended back in January, that source told the mag that Kelly is “thrilled” that spousal support dues are completely “behind her.” Yeah, at $115,000 per month, we’d be thrilled to have it end, too! LOLz! The insider added:

“It was like a huge weight had been lifted and she was able to close that chapter and get a fresh start.”

A fresh start… that she is using to legally clap back against Brandon once again! Taken that way, this certainly seems to have the makings of a never-ending fight between the exes. And they’ve already been down this road once before. But hey, if she feels like she’s owed money that was pilfered from her, she has every right to fight for it. Ya know?! What do U think, Perezcious readers??

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