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Rapper Blueface Throws Female Fan Off Stage Mid-Performance -- And Demands She Get Beaten?!

Rapper Blueface Throws Female Fan Off Stage Mid-Performance And Demands She Get Beat Up?!

Rapper Blueface and his on-again, off-again partner and fellow performer Jaidyn Alexis (pictured above, inset) are taking some serious heat right now.

Over the weekend, the controversial rapper was performing in Utah. He held it down for a wild crowd packed tightly into a venue late on Saturday night in the Beehive State. For a while, that is. And then… all hell broke loose.

According to several angles of video taken at the event, Blueface and his soon-to-be wife were on stage doing their thing when a piece of ice appeared to fly by Jaidyn’s face. Enraged that somebody was tossing ice at his girl, Blueface immediately tried to single out the fan who threw the ice.

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After a few moments with the show stopped, the rapper found the supposed ice-throwing concertgoer and brought her up on the stage. Based on one key video angle from the event, you can pretty clearly hear the woman saying she never threw any ice. Perhaps Blueface was mistaken about ice being thrown at all, maybe somebody else did it, maybe she was lying — but no amount of uncertainty was going to get in the rapper’s way. He yelled this into his microphone as he dragged the woman up onto the stage:

“Come on. You threw that s**t, right? Come on. Oh, you didn’t throw nothing? You’re the only one with a cup of ice! Come on up here! Don’t be scared now!”

As the woman climbed on stage, Blueface turned to Jaidyn standing at the other end of the packed stage and added:

“Yeah, get ’em!”

Then, shockingly, he pushed the woman towards Jaidyn to instigate a fight!!


Security members held Jaidyn back, but it looked like she was dead-set on breaking free and going after the woman. As for the alleged ice-thrower, she hit the deck HARD after getting pushed by Blueface. Which, yeah, sadly that makes sense. She appeared to be pretty tiny, and he’s a hell of a lot bigger AND stronger.

You can see multiple angles of the incident (below):

Per TMZ, Jaidyn threw several punches at the woman at Blueface’s instigation. The outlet claims none of the haymakers landed, though, which is good. Based on the video we saw (above), it looked like the actual fight itself was somewhat minor. But still! The woman hit the stage floor hard after Blueface pushed her! And the whole thing was completely f**king unnecessary!

Over on X (Twitter), fans had a lot to say in reaction:

“Is he ready for that lawsuit?”

“Blueface is a lost cause at this point”

“She’s saying it wasn’t her so was it?”

“I literally watched her lips say ‘no, it wasn’t me’ and he threw her like that?! Embarrassing”

“He really pushed her wow”

“She legit says no it wasn’t me an then u hear them say no, an he pushed her”

“I’m Ctfu cause they’d definitely have a lawsuit & Jaidyn didn’t even do s**t”

Per the outlet, security members were pretty quickly able to get the fan in question out of there. So it sounds like she escaped without any worse harm being done. Although what she experienced was definitely bad enough!

It should go without saying, and we’ve said this a million times before: DON’T THROW ANYTHING AT PERFORMERS ON STAGE! But also… performers shouldn’t instigate fights with fans, either! Why is this so hard?!

Then again, Blueface has been on one for a while now. Just ask Offset about that. We’re pretty sure he has a LOT of thoughts about this embattled rapper…

Anyways, what do U make of this latest on-stage concert controversy, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Open Thoughts/YouTube/Blueface/YouTube]

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