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Royal Family Confused Why Prince Harry 'Bothered To Come' To Coronation Since He Didn’t Speak To ANY Senior Royals!

Royal Family Confused Why Prince Harry ‘Bothered To Come’ To Coronation Since He Didn’t Speak To ANY Senior Royals!

Prince Harry made a mad dash to the UK for King Charles III‘s coronation, but some royals have been left confused as to why he even bothered!

A source close to the family spoke with Vanity Fair about the celebration on Monday. They revealed lots of senior royals were frustrated by Harry’s trip — mostly because he was in and out of the city in a blink of an eye. Literally! He arrived on Friday afternoon and left nearly 24 hours later on Saturday to make it home in time for Prince Archie‘s fourth birthday.

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No matter the reasoning, many working royals were left “wondering why Harry bothered to come at all,” especially since he didn’t make time to speak to any of them!

Though, they were probably fine with that on some level, the insider added:

“One makes one’s choices. To be honest there wasn’t much talk of Harry at all. The focus was very much on the occasion.”

The only person who was “saddened” by Harry’s decision not to linger after the crowning ceremony was his father, who would’ve liked to spend more time with his youngest son during the important day. As we covered earlier this week, the Archewell founder was reportedly invited to a private luncheon after the event, but he declined.

According to, the Duke of Sussex did head to Buckingham Palace after Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned. But he only spent less than a half hour there to take a breather amid the hectic day. And for the few minutes he was there, he apparently NEVER interacted with any high-level royals, either!

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Sources told The Telegraph he was anxious to get back to California. But at the same time, the rest of the family being busy with the coronation procession gave them a good excuse not to speak with the 38-year-old. That said, per DM, some sources don’t believe Harry actually stopped at the Palace on his way to the airport, based on timing and the fact his family was all still busy with the coronation. Either way, it seems clear Harry didn’t bother to socialize at all with the other higher-up royals!

Also, it’s not like he had much of a chance to speak with his father or brother, Prince William, considering he was seated two rows behind them in Westminster Abbey. The divide amid the family feud was clear!

Interestingly, body language expert Judi James told Page Six Harry seemed “cheerful to the point of cocky” during the crowning, especially when entering alongside his cousins Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice:

“[It’s] almost as though none of the events of the past couple of years had ever happened.”

Judi went on to say he was not “lonely” even though he didn’t have Meghan Markle by his side, noting:

“Harry arrived laughing and joking, even performing a mime that suggested he was referring to Eugenie’s heavily-pregnant baby bump and making them all chuckle.”

The expert continued:

“Harry greeted the clergy with warmth and adopted an upbeat, slightly rolling, wide-stride gait to suggest breezy cheerfulness.”

Yet others spotted photographs of him flashing awkward smiles throughout the event — so perhaps he wasn’t as relaxed as people thought?

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Was it rude of Harry to jet back to the States so fast? Sound OFF (below)!

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