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Rumer Willis Broke Her OWN Water After She Went Into Labor!

Rumer Willis Broke Her OWN Water After She Went Into Labor!

Rumer Willis is one badass momma!

In case you didn’t hear, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore welcomed her baby girl Louetta Isley Thomas Willis earlier this year. The mom-of-one was ecstatic to capture every moment she could alongside her own mother, her beau Derek Thomas, and her sisters Tallulah and Scout. Everything went swimmingly for the most part — but one of the biggest moments she recalls besides the birth itself is having to break her own water!

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During an appearance on Monday’s episode of the Informed Pregnancy Podcast, the 34-year-old actress got real about her home birth which happened pretty quickly on April 18. After she went into labor, the then mom-to-be recalled how quickly things progressed. She said she “dilated from two to eight inches in about an hour” — which meant she had to hurry and get into the bathtub to begin pushing.

With her family and her doula by her side, she got into the bath and began to prepare for what was next, but that’s when her medical assistant realized her water was still intact! Rumer said on the podcast:

“She was checking me and felt my water bag bulging, but still not popping, which was wild.”

With this being a concern for the progression of the birth, the Dancing with the Stars alum took matters into her own hands:

“So, I was like, ‘Well, should we break it?’ She goes, ‘Well, you can.’ I’m like, ‘What?!’ I was like, ‘Are you serious?'”

She went for it, too! She recalled the intense moment of reaching “up there” to pop the water bag:

“I reached my finger up there, and I’m feeling and it was crazy. I could totally feel this little bag — it feels like a water balloon, but with a bit tougher skin.”


Her doula guided her at the time — which she said made for some pretty amazing pictures:

“[The doula] said, ‘OK, on the next contraction, just push against it with your finger.’ And I popped it. I think there’s a photo of me and I just have this look of shock and surprise on my face.”

After The House Bunny actress jumped that hurdle, the rest of the birth was smooth sailing:

“It was like, I pushed a little bit… well, I didn’t push a little bit, I pushed harder than I’ve ever probably, but it was literally like I pushed, her head was out. I pushed again and her whole body was out … There was no pause in between. It wasn’t one of those moments where it was, ‘Oh, your head is out.'”

One more scare happened after Louetta was finally here, though — she was tangled in her umbilical cord! Immediately, she said there were “four hands under there” working to unwrap the newborn, those of her doula and her boyfriend. Luckily, the infant got unwrapped quickly and was soon placed in her momma’s arms. Rumer described the moment as:

“The most ecstatic, joyful moment of my entire life.”


Ch-ch-check out some adorbs pics of the birth (below):

What an amazing story! Sending so much love Rumer, Derek, and Louetta!

[Image via Rumer Willis/Instagram]

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