Previously Unreleased March 2017 Arrest Report Reveals Depths Of Teen Mom OG Star Ryan Edwards’ ‘Explosive’ Heroin Addiction

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As we’ve been reporting over the last month, Ryan Edwards was arrested on March 27 for breaking his probation stemming from a charge of possession of heroin — and while the fall-out from that has been serious enough for the Teen Mom OG star, it’s what we learned about an earlier arrest that’s now really drawing headlines.

Here’s what we mean: new reporting out this afternoon has linked the March 27 arrest with a never-before-seen police report from March 12, 2017 — just over a year earlier — when Edwards was arrested in Red Bank, Tennessee during a simple traffic stop after being pulled over for an expired tag.

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It all started when one officer walked up to the car to speak with Ryan, and a second one came up the other side of his vehicle and was able to plainly see a hypodermic needle in an open backpack on the passenger seat.

One thing led to another during that 2017 arrest, according to the report, and cops eventually searched the car, finding “a bag tied in the center console with a dark substance inside.”

Cops also found FOURTEEN syringes, two silver spoons with drug residue them, and a scale; the heroin itself found in the bag weighed in at “an explosive” 1.8 grams.

Incredibly luckily for Ryan, he wasn’t arrested at that point — cops simply cited him for simple possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia — and he was given a court date and location to appear in mid April, now one year ago.

It was there that Edwards pled guilty to the simple possession of heroin charge; he was sentenced to spend 11 months and 29 days in jail, though that sentence has been suspended after he paid a $750 fine; he was ordered to take drug screenings for six months and show good behavior during the length of the sentence.

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Considering what we know now about the depths of Edwards’ addiction issues and persistent drug use, it’s certainly revealing to see just how much trouble he’s been in over all of it.

We can only hope something good comes from all this

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Apr 27, 2018 8:50pm PST

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