Uh Oh — Sean Penn & Robin Wright’s Son Hopper Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

hopper penn arrested drug possession


Sean Penn and Robin Wright‘s 24-year-old son, Hopper Penn, was arrested in Nebraska on Wednesday. According to reports, the celebuspawn was booked for drug possession as marijuana, mushrooms, and prescription pills were all found on the young Mr. Penn and a friend.

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Eek. Apparently, Hopper and actress Uma von Wittkamp were pulled over by the police after they failed to use a turn signal. Amid the traffic stop, the cop suspected that there was drug activity and proceeded to search the vehicle.

Per TMZ, law enforcers discovered 14 grams of marijuana, four amphetamine pills, and three grams of mushrooms. Reportedly, Hopper was only booked for having less than an ounce of weed and possession of ‘shrooms. As for Miz von Wittkamp? She was hit with charges for the amphetamines, as well as the shrooms.

We can’t say we’re particularly thrilled to learn this news, as Hopper has struggled with substance abuse in the past. In case you forgot, last year, the Hollywood scion credited his famous father’s tough love for getting him clean.

Fingers crossed this arrest is a wake up call for Hopper to get back on a sober track. Remember, folks, drugs AREN’T cool!

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Apr 5, 2018 2:25pm PDT