Serena Williams Receives HUGE Fines For Berating Officials As Her U.S. Open Behavior Divides Fans

The Serena Williams controversy rages on…

ICYMI yesterday, Serena was playing in the U.S. Open Championship against Naomi Osaka when an official’s call set Serena off on a long tirade against the referees there at the match.

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The video of the incident — with audio capturing virtually every word she said throughout the ordeal — immediately went viral online, as you can see (below):

Well, now we know what type of punishment Serena is facing: some very, very hefty fines. According to reports, Serena will have to pay down the following fines because of her behavior on the court (below):

–$4,000 for a ‘coaching violation’

–$3,000 for smashing her tennis racket

–$10,000 for verbal abuse towards the official

Wow! $17,000 in fines is a lot — granted, Serena makes a ton of money, but she got hit with a pretty hard penalty over the incident!!

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Interestingly, it’s completely divided fans — mostly along gender lines — when it comes to analyzing Serena’s behavior and whether, as she says, she was the victim of a double-standard and a male tennis player wouldn’t have been penalized the same way as she has been.

The social media debate has raged non-stop for nearly 24 hours now, as you can see (below):


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[Image via WENN.]

Sep 9, 2018 11:11am PST