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Sister Wives’ Meri & Kody Brown Break Up After 32 Years!

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Confirms Breakup With Kody!

It’s the end of Sister Wives as fans know it! Kody and Meri Brown are over!

In a sneak peek of the upcoming Sister Wives: One on One special obtained by ET, the 51-year-old reality star revealed she and Kody ended their relationship after 32 years. And of course Christine Brown had previously left. That leaves Kody with just one wife! Like some kind of normal person that doesn’t have a reality show about them!

The breakup revelation came when Meri was shown a video of the 53-year-old saying in a confessional that he does not consider himself “married” to her anymore, adding:

“If she wanted to move on and marry another, she wouldn’t get an argument with me.”

Oof. That must have been hard to watch!

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When asked by host Sukanya Krishnan how she felt about Kody’s comments, Meri shared that she doesn’t understand — he was so hurt when Christine broke up him without a discussion about it, and then he decided to do the exact same thing to her:

“It just doesn’t make sense to me that he would be so frustrated with Christine and be like, ‘She just made this decision, we didn’t consult, we didn’t talk, she just made the decision’ and then he says, ‘No, I don’t consider myself married to Meri. Like, he just made the decision. I never heard him say that to me.”

While they have had a strained relationship, Meri said Kody made her believe everything would be fine between them following the family’s move to Arizona in 2018:

“Even since being in Flagstaff, he has led me to believe that he was trying. Our first anniversary that we had here in Flagstaff, ‘Cheers to new beginnings.’ As opposed to this last anniversary he’s like, ‘I don’t even know why you called me, Meri. We’re not married, we’re not actually married.’”

Ouch, dude! Meri thought they should address their situation “publicly” — but he refused. She explained:

“And I said to him then, ‘If that’s where we are, don’t you think we should address that publicly?’ He said, ‘No, I don’t want to address it. I don’t want that to be out there publicly because I don’t want that judgment.’”

When the host asked if she gets to decide where the two stand with their relationship at this time, Meri fired back:

“Well, he’s already made the decision. You just saw him say that… You just saw him say that.”

While it seems like this split is final, she still feels there is a chance they could reconcile — at least she would be up for it! Not too sure how Kody feels about that, considering his comments… As Meri admitted in the clip:

“I would. I definitely would be. I don’t think that he’s interested.”

Wow! You can see the shocking confession (below):

Whelp, viewers won’t be too stunned by the breakup news since they’ve been living separate lives and haven’t been intimate with each other for a while now. Meri was Kody’s first wife; the two were married in 1990. But the former couple, who share 27-year-old Leon Brown, legally divorced in 2014 so Kody could marry his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and adopt her kids. Since then, two of the other wives have said goodbye to Kody. Christine shockingly announced her breakup with the patriarch of the Brown family in 2021, while Janelle Brown shared in December that they’ve been separated for months. And now, another relationship has bit the dust!

So it’s just Kody and Robyn, a… normal-ish couple.

Are you surprised that Kody and Meri split? Do you think TLC will cancel the show now that Kody only has one wife? Drop your reactions to the breakup news in the comments below!

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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