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New Doc Suggests Janet Jackson's Career Torpedoed By CBS Exec After Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction?

New Documentary Suggests Janet Jackson's Career Torpedoed By CBS Exec After 2004 Super Bowl Controversy?

A new documentary that premiered on Hulu on Friday night looks deeper into the infamous 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction moment that occurred between Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson during the game’s halftime show.

And while the documentary doesn’t go all the way through with this contention, it strongly suggests that Jackson’s career was allegedly impeded by a spurned CBS exec after an apparent refusal to apologize following the on-air scandal.

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The doc, titled Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson, discusses what happened before, during, and after the pop singer’s breast was exposed on live TV during that year’s halftime show. And specifically, prominently featured in the exposé is a look at the fallout after the shocking moment, especially as it relates to Jackson, JT, and then-CBS head honcho Les Moonves.

The one-hour special reveals some interesting claims about the lead-up to the scandal itself, including allegations about a secret convo allegedly held between Timberlake and Janet’s wardrobe stylist in the dressing room before the show. Still, that’s not really the focus of it all, with much of the doc lending its attention to the fallout and consequences after everything happened.

Apparently, the doc alleges that then-top-level TV exec Moonves demanded a “face-to-face apology” from both Justin and Janet after the controversy. The former Mickey Mouse Club star allegedly stopped by CBS’ main offices in Los Angeles and did exactly as Moonves demanded, giving some type of personal apology to the exec. The documentary claims, though, that Janet allegedly refused to metaphorically kiss the ring, as it were, and instead declined to make an in-person apology for the scandal.

Moonves, then, was allegedly seething over both what happened and the rebuffed apology. In turn, the documentary alleges that the exec supposedly worked behind the scenes to cut off opportunities for Jackson going forward. Of course, with JT’s career flourishing in the years since then, and Janet becoming effectively the butt of the joke, the implications are significant and concerning. And considering Moonves himself flamed out spectacularly at CBS later after his own awful sexual misconduct scandal, he certainly comes across negatively throughout the special.

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Still, it’s hard to prove that alleged torpedoing of her carer as anything more than allegations throughout the special.

Of course, JT has addressed Janet’s ordeal (well, somewhat) within the recent few months, most especially with this fresh statement on Instagram from back in February:


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No word from Moonves or Timberlake on the fallout from this new documentary just yet.

Still, the implications and allegations coming out of the one-hour special are certainly interesting, and disappointing, to say the very least.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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