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Taylor Swift Has Strict Boyfriend Rules For Travis Kelce -- And He Is NOT Liking Them: REPORT

Travis Kelce’s Friends Believe Taylor Swift Romance Is The ‘Real Deal’!

Huh. Is this the kind of firm hand that’s going to turn a party animal into husband material? Or is it going to make him feel too suffocated??

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are clearly enjoying a storybook romance at the moment. Embracing on the field after Super Bowl victory, kissing after her concert. It’s a dream! But you don’t get to achieve your dreams without putting in work — and sometimes that means compromise!

According to a new report, Tay Tay has some extremely strict rules for her boyfriend, who has in the past been known to be something of a cutup. See, with the scrutiny she’s under she needs a guy who’s reliable. She needs a guy who isn’t going to turn up in headlines about flirting with other girls!

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That brings us to the first big rule, according to a source spilling to Pinkvilla. Trav is not allowed to go to clubs! Now, what constitutes a club? We’re not sure. He has been celebrating his Super Bowl win a lot — but we guess not in anything that would necessarily qualify as a club? Restaurants, bars… No clubs we guess? Except when he was with Tay, of course. Oh, and her parents. LOLz! So we guess that means no clubs solo.

Second, the insider says he’s not allowed to take photos with female fans. Like, at all — but especially in a bar or similar nighttime situation. She doesn’t want anything misconstrued in the media. And you know what? She’s kinda right! If a photo came out with Trav smiling with his arm around some girl taking a selfie? The Swifties would go nuts, the blogosphere would explode! It would be a whole thing, even if it was just an NFL star being polite with fans.

With these rules, it’s just that she doesn’t want the outside world to turn on him, not that she doesn’t trust him, right? Oh except the last big rule kiiiinda makes it sound like she doesn’t trust him.

Facetime Only??

The third rule is he has to FaceTime her whenever they’re apart. Not call. Definitely not text. FaceTime. When they communicate, he has to be able to show her where he is and who he’s with. Oof. Sounds like she doesn’t trust him all that much after all, huh?

The report also mentioned she’s trying to get him a bit of a glow-up when it comes to his fashion — but tbh we imagine his quantum leap in fame has designers falling over themselves to dress him now. So maybe that’s all that is.

Pinkvilla‘s source claims Tay is only implementing all these rules because she really wants this relationship to work, and these are the boundaries that make her feel comfortable. But how does Trav feel? Supposedly he’s going along with all of it with a smile on his face. However…

The insider says some of the rules bother him. It’s not that he wants to cheat or anything, it’s mostly about not feeling freedom to be himself. He doesn’t want to feel like he has to be careful all the time, with such a delicately manicured public image. The source says:

“He has no interest in playing a calculated media game if it’s going to make him think twice about every move he makes. That’s not his style.”

Hmm. Will it be a dealbreaker for him though?

More importantly, is any of this even real? We’re not convinced. What do YOU think about these alleged rules? Y’all think there’s any truth to Tay demanding this of her man? And if so, will it help? Or doom the relationship?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & KMBC9/YouTube.]

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