Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Video Released, And It Is SCARY!

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Wow, none of this looks good for Tiger Woods.

After his DUI arrest in which he was allegedly found asleep at the wheel Monday morning, the golf legend denied being drunk at the time, explaining it was a mix of prescription medications that had hit him harder than expected.

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The first video of his arrest has been released to the press by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and it definitely backs up Woods; he is not acting drunk at all.

No, he is high as a kite in a hurricane.

In the full video, Tiger barely recites his ABCs, starts to walk away, tries to tie a shoelace that’s already tied, and has trouble even standing in the starting position to walk a straight line. The man is falling asleep standing up.

See clips of the shocking arrest (below)!

This man should NOT have been behind the wheel of a car, and frankly he’s lucky he got pulled over, as he easily could have killed himself or someone else.

Just look at the damage to his car (above), which looks like it was caused by driving off the road or onto a curb.

Where was he going? Where had he driven before?? We may never know as not even he seems sure…

[Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.]

May 31, 2017 7:37pm PDT