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Todd & Julie Chrisley Score $1 Million Settlement In Lawsuit Alleging Misconduct In Fraud Investigation!

Todd & Julie Chrisley Score $1 Million Settlement In Lawsuit Alleging Misconduct In Fraud Investigation!

Things just took a positive turn for Todd and Julie Chrisley.

This month marks one year that the spouses have been locked up in their respective prisons after being found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion… Something they’ve denied through and through. The reality fam hasn’t ever given up hope on getting out of the slammer, and now, there’s been a development in their case that makes it seem all the more possible.

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On Tuesday, the couple’s lawyer Alex Little announced they are set to receive a $1 million payout from the state of Georgia to settle their 2019 lawsuit against the former Director of Special Investigations for the state’s Department of Revenue, Joshua Waites. Their lawyer said in a statement to People:

“We have been saying for months that the criminal case against the Chrisleys was highly unusual and had real problems. This settlement is an encouraging sign.”

The Chrisleys had previously complained that they were “unfairly targeted” by the former tax official, specifically because of their “celebrity status.” After they were eventually cleared by the state of Georgia of their tax evasion charge, the family sued Waites, claiming his investigation had more to do with publicity than law.

In the lawsuit, which was obtained by the outlet, the family’s former lawyer Michael J. Bowers argued Waites’ initial charges against them were “a shocking example of how an out-of-control public servant can abuse his office and violate the rights of innocent citizens for reasons that have more to do with securing publicity and money for his office than with enforcing the law.”

Furthermore, the suit alleged that years ago, Waites “began to focus his efforts and desire” on specifically Todd and his oldest daughter Lindsie. They accused him of trying to pry information about the family from the 34-year-old, with him even allegedly showing her their confidential tax information. Bowers explained in the suit:

“Ultimately Waites’s efforts failed, but in the process, the Chrisleys were forced to incur substantial personal and financial hardship.”

Todd and Julie were cleared by the state, but as we all know, found guilty by a federal jury in 2022. However, their current lawyer says the state’s settlement is “unprecedented” amid their ongoing situation:

“It’s nearly unprecedented for one arm of the government to pay money to defendants when another arm is fighting to keep them in jail.”

Todd and Julie’s combined 19-year prison sentence was reduced in September. Todd will now be released in 2033, while Julie will get out in 2028. The couple’s appeal is scheduled for April… Do you think this is all a sign they could be getting out even earlier? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Image via Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

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