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Tori Spelling Finally Files To Divorce Dean Days After Devastating Meeting!

Tori Spelling Divorce Dean McDermott

We guess Tori Spelling finally threw in the towel.

The Beverly Hills 90210 star fought and fought for her marriage. For years she and Dean McDermott had really obvious issues, everyone could see it. They were sleeping in separate beds, they were all but done — and still she wouldn’t let go. Even when Dean posted an announcement they were getting divorced, he took it down immediately, presumably at her command. But there was nothing she could do — it was over.

That was back in June last year. Since then Dean has moved out, spoken out, and even stepped out — with a new gal! He’s reportedly now living with girlfriend Lily Calo! And through all that Tori never filed. Is it possible she still thought they had a chance of working through it? Well, if so she definitely doesn’t anymore. Now, nine months later, she’s pulling the trigger.

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According to TMZ, the House of Yes alum filed in Los Angeles on Friday morning. She lists the date of their separation as June 17, 2023 — the same day he put up his infamous post. She’s also playing hardball — demanding spousal support and denying any to Dean, even trying to get him to pay her attorney fees. She’s asking for sole physical custody (and joint legal custody) of their five kids, though she’s willing to offer visitation rights.

Man, what a change! What happened??

Whatever it is, it seems to have happened on Tuesday. The estranged couple were spotted meeting up at a storage unit in LA, apparently going through their belongings. Whatever was found or said was clearly devastating to Tori. After the civil convo turned into a fight, the Hollywood princess was seen in her car, breaking down crying.

Heartbreaking stuff. But we had no idea we were seeing what was likely the moment she decided she could finally let go. Not even three full days later she was filing for divorce.

Tori and Dean had been together since 2006. As mentioned, they shared five kids together. But they’ve had ups and downs for a really long time — and we’ve thought for a while that separation seemed healthier. We think Dean figured that out a long time ago (even if he was the problem). And now she finally seems to agree.

Do YOU think this is the healthiest thing Tori could do? What do you think happened between them this week that changed things??

[Image via Dimitri Halkidis/MEGA/WENN.]

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