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Travis Kelce & Brother Jason BOTH Refer To Taylor Swift As Part Of The Family!

Travis Jason Kelce Call Taylor Swift Family

OMG they didn’t even notice they were doing this! That makes it even cuter!

Travis Kelce and his big brother Jason Kelce returned for a mini-episode of their New Heights podcast on Friday morning. This time the main focus of the pod wasn’t football — there’s only one game coming up, and we all know what that is! No, it was all about art!

Specifically, the Kelce bros were showing off fan art of Jason’s glorious shirtless moment from the Buffalo game. There were several great pieces, but one caught their eye just for who it included!

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Despite them not being there for the actual moment IRL, an artist added in everyone in the Kelce circle: Kylie Kelce and the girls, parents Ed and Donna Kelce, and of course Trav’s new number one fan, Taylor Swift. Off the cuff, Trav referred to the group as the “fam”! He said:

“Look, you got the whole fam… You can tell that’s dad. That’s damn good. And you can tell that’s Ky in the back, you can tell that’s Tay, mom. Yeah, that’s good stuff right there.”

Yep! He called Taylor part of the family! Awww! See the sweet clip and adorable art at about the 2:23 mark (below)!

Funny enough, this is the second time this week Taylor has been included as part of the fam! On Wednesday’s episode, Jason was talking about how everyone came down to the field to support Travis after his big win on Sunday. And he put it close to the same way! He said:

“We had the whole family down on the field. We had me, Mom, Dad, and Taylor. Everybody was down there.”

Awww! If both brothers really have subconsciously started thinking of Taylor as part of the family, that’s such a good sign for the future! Dontcha think??

[Image via New Heights/NFL/YouTube.]

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