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Brittany Snow's Ex Tyler Stanaland Fires Back At Cheating Accusation!

Tyler Stanaland reacts to claim he cheated on ex-wife Brittany Snow

The post-divorce drama between Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland continues!

This week, the Pitch Perfect star finally opened up about her messy breakup with the real estate agent. In a candid Call Her Daddy interview she addressed head-on her ex’s eyebrow-raising transgressions with Selling The OC stars Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona. Brittany told host Alex Cooper she was never told about what was happening on the show day to day, so she was “shocked” to watch her husband’s actions — such as the off-camera near-kiss with Kayla and too-close-for-comfort relationship with Hall — unfold on screen.

But ultimately she pretty much confirmed he cheated on her as viewers surmised, saying “what people think happened, happened.”

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So he was a cheater! Yikes! It wasn’t just the red flags he showed on the reality show that made her divorce him, it was actual steps outside the bounds of their marriage!


Well, Tyler is hitting back at his ex-wife’s comments! The former reality star took to his Instagram Stories to tell fans he will not discuss what happened in their marriage publicly — because he’s legally not allowed to:

“Relationships are complex even without public attention and speculation. A mutual commitment was made, both personally and legally, to never speak about the complexities of my marriage publicly and I plan to honor that.”

However, he did take a moment to address the cheating accusations. And his response? Tyler insisted he was “never unfaithful” to Brittany:

“I do, however, want to make it clear that I was never unfaithful in my marriage and the accusations of infidelity couldn’t be further from the truth. I will be making no further comments on this matter. I wish her nothing but the best.”

The cheating claims couldn’t be “further from the truth”? Seriously? We have a feeling a lot of folks would say otherwise! Like, say, the entire audience of Selling The OC! We have eyes, man! See the post (below):

Tyler Stanaland addresses claim he cheated on ex-wife Brittany Snow
(c) Tyler Stanaland/Instagram

Does anyone buy this???

Fans know that Tyler acted like a bachelor and NOT a married man on camera, as he inappropriately flirted with multiple women in the cast! That alone would be reason enough to doubt him. But learning he wasn’t going home and telling his wife about his “performance,” that she wasn’t in on it at all? Sorry, but that’s not a spouse who’s taking their marriage seriously!

Even if Tyler didn’t actually sleep with anyone else, he’s far from innocent here. Even what we saw on camera would be enough for us to leave his ass! And here he is trying to clutch his pearls. Pff.

But what are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via The Kelly Clarkson Show/Netflix/YouTube]

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