Sorority Sister Who Wrote That Horrible Viral Letter Helped Write A Book… And It’s Already Going To Be A Movie!

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Because of course she did!

You remember that email written by a University of Maryland sorority sister who said she’d “c*nt punt” her other sisters, right?

Well, she sorta helped write a book.

[ Video: Michael Shannon Loses His Cool As He Reads Angry Sorority Girl Email! Watch HERE! ]

Rebecca Martinson was consulted by Taylor Bell for a new book entitled Dirty Rush. While she wasn’t the writer, she did pen the forward, which says things like:

“This book tells it like it f*cking is. You won’t find anything in here about how all sorority girls are vacuously stupid├óΓé¼┬ª And you sure as f*ck won’t read anything about how a sorority girls’ sole purpose in life is to be perpetually drunk and do the spread eagle wasted for frat bros.”

She even graciously let the author use a few of her real-life experiences as well.

But this story doesn’t end there.

The movie rights to Dirty Rush have already been bought by TriStar, and the producers of Pitch Perfect, Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman, are going to make it! So far, the story is being touted at Mean Girls in a sorority house.

Oh, and author “Taylor Bell” isn’t a real person. It’s actually authored by the people behind White Girl Problems, Tanner Cohen and David Oliver Cohen.

It sounds like a HIGHlariously trashy idea, but it’s sad that a bully like Rebecca is getting so much recognition for her super horrible email.

[ Image via Dirty Rush. ]

Jan 16, 2015 5:29pm PST

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