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No More Ms. Nice Host?! Wendy Williams Feels 'Disrespected' By Sherri Shepherd Show Announcement!

No More Ms. Nice Host?! Wendy Williams Apparently Feels 'Disrespected' By Sherri Shepherd!

It sure sounds like things aren’t quite as smooth with Sherri Shepherd‘s ascent into Wendy Williams‘ old TV hosting role as the public pronouncements might make you think.

Earlier this week, we reported on how positive things seemed to be after Sherri gushed about her predecessor following her promotion into the high-profile on-air role, aka taking her place.

But now we’re hearing that the situation is decidedly NOT as positive and optimistic behind the scenes! Uh-oh…

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An insider spoke to The Sun about the situation surrounding the 57-year-old (now-former) daytime TV host, and “furiously” expressed the fact that Wendy feels “disrespected” about being quickly and completely replaced — and particularly by the way it was announced!

The insider explained Wendy’s reaction, spilling to the outlet:

“Sherri’s show was announced on The Wendy Williams Show, with Wendy’s audience and with all of her followers. Wendy has 2.6million subscribers on her YouTube alone. That’s Wendy’s YouTube! She built that following, not Sherri, not the production company.”

Makes sense! After all, Wendy was a hugely popular daytime host during her run on air, and over more than a decade, her presence cultivated quite a following. And Sherri isn’t just launching a own show post-The Talk, she’s using Wendy’s built-in audience to springboard into it.

So to have it all end like this — and to have Sherri’s team taking over the social media accounts, the brand, and even the time slot? We aren’t surprised she’s upset.

The insider added:

“It was bad enough they canceled her show and gave Sherri her own daytime talk show which is set to take over Wendy’s time slot. It was a total slap in the face for it to be announced on Wendy’s show and her platforms.”


A second source close to the longtime on-air personality opened up a bit more about the apparently problematic production decisions being made following Wendy’s departure.

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Explaining that the network initially intended to give the New Jersey native a proper send-off with “all of her greatest hits,” the source claims the segment was completely wiped out as execs rushed to move forward without Wendy:

“They had a full goodbye package ready to go with all the best of moments over the years. They just needed her to do a VoiceOver. They were going to show all of her greatest hits, the biggest stars, all the funniest moments and they just deleted it! They’re not using it anymore. They just aren’t going to bother. Normally they would want to pass the baton — but at this point, they’re not even saying ‘Good bye.’ It’s barely even a ‘Bye.’ It’s just incredible.”

Whoa! That’s COLD. To hear it from this point of view, then, things are allegedly not nearly as simple as Sherri’s on-air interactions might have you believe.

What do U think about this situation, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF with your thoughts on Wendy, Sherri, and all this daytime TV drama down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN/Sherri Shepherd/Instagram]

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