White House Used DOCTORED Video From InfoWars To Back Up B.S. Acosta Story!

November 7, 2018. The day the Venn diagram of the White House and right wing fringe conspiracy theory Twitter became a perfect circle.

In case you haven’t been following the disgraceful treatment of Jim Acosta, here’s the quick recap:

  • During a rare POTUS press conference on Wednesday the CNN reporter asked some questions Donald Trump didn’t like.
  • Trump called him a “rude, terrible person” and ordered an intern to take his microphone. Acosta continued to try to ask his question, not giving up the mic.
  • Later Acosta’s WH credentials were revoked, and he was barred from the grounds.
  • Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed it was because he was “placing his hands on a young woman,” referring to the intern — clearly a lie as you can see in many different angles.

How obvious is it from the news footage he didn’t “overpower” her as bad faith right wingers on Twitter are saying?

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Enough that Sanders couldn’t even use real footage as evidence. She instead used this:

People were quick to point out the obvious editing tricks used in the clip. Not only is it put into slow motion, there are extra frames added at key points to attempt to make it look like Acosta is making a chopping motion.

Need further proof how B.S. the clip is?

Twitter detectives were able to ID the source — InfoWars.

Yep, InfoWars, Alex Jones‘ fringe conspiracy theory site whose lies were so egregious and harmful they were kicked off of YouTube.

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If the White House knowingly sharing a doctored video in order to sell a lie scares the hell out of you, you aren’t alone. See what celebs and reporters are saying about this blatant overstep (below):



[Image via White House/Twitter/YouTube.]

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