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Bianca Censori Is 'Freaking Out' Over Kanye West's Adult Film Plans -- And Worried He May Make Her DO WHAT?!

Bianca Censori Is 'Freaking Out' Over Kanye West's Adult Film Plans -- And Worried He May Make Her Star!

Kanye West may be dipping his toe into the world of pornography with his plans for Yeezy P*rn, but Bianca Censori wants absolutely no part of it!

In the weeks after the rapper announced his jaw-dropping next career move with a pivot into the adult film industry, his 29-year-old wife is now said to be BEYOND ticked off that he would go that route. After all, she’s already endured (and co-signed) the endless parade of nearly naked and totally naked outfits which Ye has put her through. But p*rn? That’s too far. Still, he wouldn’t make her actually star in the p*rnographic films, though… would he?!

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According to a source who spoke to InTouch on Tuesday night, that’s exactly Bianca’s fear. Which, uh, WHOA!!! And even though Ye has apparently NOT given any indication yet that he will do that, a source speaking to the mag said the possibility is Bianca’s first and foremost concern at this point. The insider explained:

“She’s freaking out, and with good reason. He’s been strutting her around and dressing her like she’s a p*rn star — and now she knows why!”

They went on to add:

“Bianca went along with him parading her around like she was in some kind of freaky fashion show because she thought it could turn her into a star, but skin flicks are beyond the pale.”


Whether that actually comes to fruition will obviously remain to be seen. We’re skeptical. We really, really, REALLY hope that doesn’t happen — for her sake!! But that it’s even an alleged concern for Bianca at this point is just wild…

Regardless, Ye’s marriage to the Aussie is said to be on the rocks because of the porn shift. The insider added that Ye’s focus on porn has left Bianca looking for an exit:

“Kanye’s hell-bent on making Bianca his p*rn screen queen, but she wants no part of it.”

But would she really walk?! The mag’s source doesn’t provide details about what might come next, but they did say something REALLY interesting about it — that Bianca reportedly feels like she’s squeezed all the proverbial juice she can out of being attached to Ye. The insider explained:

“She’s already gotten all the notoriety she needs from him, and her friends say she’s ready to walk.”

Damn! Wouldn’t that be something?! Heck, it was just a few weeks ago that we reported all about how Bianca was supposedly a performance artist and was willingly in on it when it came to Ye’s public fashion choices for her. But maybe that’s over?? Only time will tell, of course. That would be a pretty big move, obvi. And honestly, this is all a pretty wild shift. But Ye wouldn’t go THAT far… would he? Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Share ’em (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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