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OMG! Woman Accused Of Dismemberment Murder Viciously Attacks Her Own Attorney In Court! (VIDEO)

OMG! Woman Accused Of Dismemberment Murder Viciously Attacks Her Own Attorney In Court! (VIDEO)

A woman who is accused of murdering a man and dismembering his body violently attacked her lawyer in court on Tuesday.

We’ve previously covered the case of alleged killer Taylor Schabusiness. She is a Florida native who was arrested in Wisconsin last February and accused of killing and decapitating a 25-year-old man named Shad Thyrion. According to media reports from the time of her arrest a year ago, Schabusiness allegedly killed Thyrion during sex while the two were high.

On Tuesday morning, Schabusiness appeared in a Green Bay courtroom to undergo a competency hearing. And that’s when all hell broke loose without any warning…

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The 25-year-old woman was seated next to her attorney, Quinn Jolly, in Brown County Circuit Court for her appearance. Suddenly, in the middle of the hearing — while a judge was trying to determine if she was mentally fit to face a jury — Schabusiness lunged at Jolly with no warning and violently tried to attack him with her elbow and fists. WTF?!

Jolly reacted surprisingly quickly to the attack. First, he put his hands up to defend himself. Then, he moved quickly away while covering his face. As Schabusiness continued to move on him, a nearby sheriff’s deputy rushed in and pulled her backwards off the lawyer. Two more deputies ran in from the other side of the courtroom and assisted the first officer in detaining her. The trio placed Schabusiness on the ground, and later held her up against a wall.

After Jolly was able to run away from the scene, the deputies picked up Schabusiness and escorted her out of court. According to WBAY News, the accused killer later asked deputies what happened in court and insinuated she didn’t remember the events of the day. The outlet reported one deputy told this to the alleged murderer:

“You went off on your attorney, Taylor. You went crazy on your attorney.”


Immediately prior to the attack, Jolly had requested that the judge push back Schabusiness’ competency hearing for another few weeks. He was hoping to give the defense time to bring in an expert witness in to testify on her behalf. After the attack, the judge did acquiesce to Jolly’s request. Per WBAY News, Schabusiness’ competency hearing will now take place on March 6. Her trial — which was initially supposed to start on that date — has been moved to early May.

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Jolly won’t be around for it, though. According to WHBY, he has filed a motion with the court to withdraw himself from the case. When People contacted Brabazon Law Office, where Jolly works, a spokesperson for the firm said they are unable to discuss the incident “for legal reasons.”

Discussion or not, the video tells its own WILD story. You can see the attack and its aftermath (below):


As we noted up top, we’ve already been following Schabusiness’ case. Almost exactly a year ago, she was arrested after Thyrion’s mother found her son’s severed head and severed penis in a bucket in the basement of her Green Bay home. Detectives quickly found the rest of Thyrion’s body strewn around his home.

Cops tracked down Schabusiness at another house nearby on the morning of February 23 and interrogated her. At the time, according to multiple reports, she allegedly admitted she and Thyrion smoked meth together and had sex. Cops later came to believe Schabusiness had strangled the man to death before dismembering his corpse and leaving the scene.

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In early March of last year, she was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. According to NBC 26 News, she had since been preparing to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. That outlet reports she has also already had “several evaluations” to see if she is mentally competent to defend herself in court.

Now, it seems like her case will see another major delay following this attack on her (uh, now former) lawyer. What a crazy situation…

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[Image via Fox 6 News Milwaukee/YouTube]

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