Zacquisha Bathes In Details Magazine


Bathing in pussy. Tom Cruise motorcycle lessons. Butt shampooing. Horrific poison oak. THESE are the things that get discussed in a Zac Efron interview.

Zac Efron’s interview with Details Magazine at West Hollywood’s SoHo House is a fascinating read, and it makes him pretty damn likable!

Who else would talk so candidly about poison oak covering the majority of their body? Here’s what Zac had to say about it:

“I went backpacking over Memorial Day weekend and I just got the worst poison oak, bro. It was my first time getting it. Dude, it’s, like, everywhere. Everywhere. I can’t even begin to show you, ’cause you’ll get so grossed out. I look like a zombie from Dawn of the Dead.”

Zac also spoke about his encounter with Tom Cruise, who approached him at the CAA building and asked him:

“You ride motorcycles?”

When Zac responded “no,” Cruise continued with:

“You wanna learn how?”

After speaking about his experience with Tom Cruise, Details magazine writer Andrew Goldman accompanied Zacquisha to the luxurious bathroom. Zac had the following to say about a fancy “bidet-like-contraption,” which shampoos your anus:

“Yeah, Vanessa has one of those.”

Zac continued to open up to interviewer Goldman about the ladies:

“Bathe in pussy? Yeah, everyone tells me that. I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. But I’m not really like that.”

Sure, Zac, you say that now, but what happens when Vanessa Hudgens dumps you for speaking publicly about her anal-shampoo bathroom devices?

Do U think Zac will stay faithful to Hudgens?

[Images via DETAILS.]

Aug 9, 2010 11:40am PST

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