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Amanda Bynes Spotted In Public For First Time In Weeks On Venture Out Of SoCal Mental Health Facility

Amanda Bynes Spotted In Public For First Time In Weeks On Venture Out Of SoCal Mental Health Facility

Amanda Bynes has been spotted out and about in public again, weeks after going into a mental health treatment facility to get professional help and therapy.

Of course, back in July, we reported on the former child star’s move to seek inpatient treatment at a mental health center in southern California. Now, she’s been spotted walking around on her own once again on the streets of Orange County. But it appears to be a brief and scheduled jaunt to grab some groceries and settle into a low-key lifestyle.

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Over the weekend, eagle-eyed observers spotted the She’s The Man star walking around outside in the OC. That marks the first time she’s been spotted in public in about a month after checking into the aforementioned inpatient center to address mental health concerns.

The pics were first published by TMZ on Wednesday. In the photos, Bynes appears to be strolling through and standing in a shopping center with a Ralph’s grocery bag close by her side. She’s calm and doing what we all do — running errands — in a low-key and unassuming way. You can see the snaps and vids for yourself HERE.

That outlet dug a little bit deeper into the story behind Amanda’s newly-public presence, too. According to “sources close to Amanda,” the star has progressed well enough inside the facility to be considered part of the center’s “minimal supervision group.” That means she’s allowed to leave the property on her own during certain hours of the day. She can use that free time to take walks and get fresh air and other outdoor exercise. She can also apparently use that time to shop, get groceries, run errands, blah, blah, blah. The whole deal!

A shopping trip is what was captured on camera in those news snaps, it would thus appear. On Friday evening, she was first seen walking out of a smoke shop in a shopping center in the OC and “appeared in good spirits” for it. Then, on Saturday afternoon, she was at a Ralph’s supermarket “leaving with a shopping bag full of items.” Sounds like a simple, safe, productive weekend running errands. Progress!

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Per that news outlet, Bynes is doing “well enough” at this point in treatment. However, insiders claim she still intends to stay at that facility for the “foreseeable future” and wants to continue to work on her mental health throughout. So, the journey is far from over — but it sounds like there have been definite improvements in the process. We love to hear that!

Here’s hoping more good news comes from Amanda’s hard work on herself and her mental health in that OC center… and beyond!

Sending love and light!

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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