Andy Cohen Claps Back At Dad Shamers! Here’s What Went Down…

Don’t think dads are immune to internet shaming!!

Andy Cohen got a dose of parenting critics on Friday, when he took to Instagram Story to call out his dog Wacha for eating son Benjamin Allen‘s toy!

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Innocently, Cohen shared a video of the pup with shreds of a “torah” plush as he questioned the animal:

“Did you just eat my son’s stuffed Torah that the Rabbi gave him Wacha? And now you’re exhausted?. That was my son’s Torah. Did you want to explain to my son what you did? And what do I tell the Rabbi? Wacha? Wacha!”

This silly clip opened the floodgates for opinionated parents, who let the Bravo host know (via DM) that he’s got a real problem on his hands!!

He shared in another vid:

“Okay, flooded with DMs from people saying I’ve got a big problem on my hands. Wacha’s jealous of my son…. Wacha didn’t know that the Torah toy, we’re talking about a Torah toy, belonged to the baby. He just had his eye on a purple f**king toy and he wanted to rip it apart. It’s not that deep. Stand down. Everything’s fine in the West Village.”

LOLz. Then in a final clip, Andy addressed the haters directly:

“Hey, I’ve been a dad for 12 days, people are judgy as f**k. We gotta be careful, okay. Sometimes a Torah toy is just a Torah toy everybody, right?”

But that didn’t stop the commenters from continuing on!!

See one more, calling out Andy for a “dildo” in the background of his video (below)!

We honestly can’t make this s**t up!!

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Feb 16, 2019 11:55am PDT