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Ben Affleck Didn't Tell His Dad About Jennifer Lopez Engagement!

ben affleck, jennifer lopez : ben didn't tell his dad about engagement to jlo

Seems like Timothy Affleck may have found out about the Bennifer engagement like the rest of us: from “On The JLo” website.

As you probably know, Jennifer Lopez announced her (second) engagement to Ben Affleck through a video in her fan newsletter. Apparently, though, they didn’t make personal calls to the whole family ahead of time, because Ben’s dad told The Sun that the news was a surprise.

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He admitted to the outlet:

“I haven’t talked to them in ages, but if everything one reads on the internet is true, they’re having a good time together. He’s quite busy with all of his new found activities. He’s been working a lot, which no one seems to care about. They care about romance. I haven’t been in touch recently, but we write periodically so it’s ok. I saw my grandkids a few months back.”

Timothy hadn’t been informed when Bennifer first got back together, either, but an engagement seems like a more important development to share. It’s a bit sad, but we don’t know what the actor’s relationship with his dad is like.

In any case, the 78-year-old voiced his approval for the singer:

“I did meet Jennifer when they first dated. There’s a lot I admire about her, she’s quite a special woman. What I like most about her is that she did it all herself, she brought herself up on so many different levels, she’s obviously very talented. She’s one of the people who really worked at it and hustled. There was no nepotism … ‘who do you know’ bulls**t. She’s a hard worker and I admire that. I think she deserves everything she gets.”

Aww, how sweet! And he’s not wrong about J.Lo’s hustle, either! Asked how he feels about the couple finally tying the knot nearly two decades after their wedding was originally scheduled, Timothy said:

“That’s fine by me! I’m happy about it. I don’t know anything about wedding plans or anything like that. But I don’t imagine there will be a repeat of the last wedding arrangements [when it got called off]. The last time the media went berserk, they just went crazy and I’m sure that had an effect, it would have an effect on anyone really. But I imagine they can handle it more now, I hope so, Ben’s getting up there, he’s pushing 50.”

LOLz. Thanks, Dad!

As for whether he’ll be in attendance at the wedding this time around, he shared:

“Well, it’s always great to see my grandkids and my son. It’ll be nice to see Jennifer. I hope it all works out well for them.”

Generally speaking, Timothy had nothing but praise for the 49-year-old, saying:

“He’s doing extremely well. I’m very proud of him. Totally proud. And he’s a hard worker.”

Referencing his son’s recent films, he observed that “It’s nice to see him cover a wide range of different parts,” adding that he’d watched Ben’s sexy new flick with ex Ana de Armas:

“Yes, I did see that. And that’s another example of his work that stands out. She was quite good in it also, but the rest of the film needed some work I fear. But it was a good effort and I think he probably enjoyed himself.”

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He also pointed out:

“He’s also certainly a fine director. No question Argo was a very well-directed piece. He’s an excellent director and a writer for that matter, screenplays… he’s adapted some really tough things to bring to the screen. I’ve been very, very proud of those efforts.”

Well, even if he didn’t hear the engagement news directly from his son, it sounds like Timothy has no hard feelings for Ben. Nice to know he has dad’s approval!

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