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Bethenny Frankel Calls Amber Heard 'Craziest Woman That's Walked This Planet' In Heated Rant!

Bethenny Frankel Calls Amber Heard 'Craziest Woman That's Walked This Planet' In Heated Rant!

Bethenny Frankel is ruffling some feathers with her take on the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp defamation case!

The Real Housewives of New York City alum has clearly been paying attention to the legal drama since she took to her podcast Just B with a harsh reaction about both parties in the truly mind-boggling case.

As we’re sure you’ve been following, the exes have been battling it out in a Fairfax, Virginia courthouse over various abuse allegations amid a defamation case, including talks of a s**t found on a bed, instances of alleged physical abuse, and so, so much more. It turns out the reality star’s been paying close attention — and she’s having an issue with one thing in particular: the way the Pirates of the Caribbean alum is getting off easy in the public eye!

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In a clip from her podcast posted to TikTok on Thursday, the 51-year-old exclaimed:

“Johnny Depp looks like a hero only in a relationship with Amber Heard. Johnny Depp is gonna be f**king anointed Gandhi and the Pope because he was in a relationship with the craziest woman that’s walked this planet.”

Oh, dang!!

She continued:

“So, now he’s like sainted. Like I’m sure Queen Elizabeth is calling him like, ‘come here. I want to give you a knighthood because you f**king look good compared [to her] — cause you’re now the hero in this crazy villain story.’ It doesn’t make any sense.”


Her hot take on Depp didn’t end there either. Rather than praise him for being a “hero,” she took a moment to call out the ways she thinks he’s problematic too, continuing:

“Johnny Depp plus anyone besides Amber Heard is a raving […] cocaine, s**t-in-bed tolerating man, but here he looks like, ‘and then a hero came along.’ Because Amber Heard is who he’s being compared to. Honestly.”

To top it all off, she added a hilarious example of how crazy the public’s perception of the actor is, in her opinion, teasing:

“Put me next to Shrek. I’m gonna be the first person — I’ll be co-hosting the Met Gala next year with Anna Wintour. It’s crazy.”

LOLz!! She’s really not holding back!

She further explained her outrage, noting in her caption:

“Amber Heard is so off base, she makes Johnny Depp seem normal”

Ch-ch-check out her full rant (below).


Amber Heard is so off base, she makes Johnny Depp seem normal…to hear the full #rant go to #justbwithbethenny on @iHeartRadio #deppvheard #johnnydepp

♬ original sound – Bethenny Frankel

Hah! She is MAD!

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Fans were VERY divided in the comments section. One person pointed out a reason the 57-year-old had been dubbed a “hero” by many, clapping back:

“I think he’s being labeled a ‘hero’ because he’s opening the door for men to open up about being abused.”

Bethenny simply agreed, saying, “that’s fair.”

Team Johnny had plenty more to say, though, with others writing:

“You are missing the point…The issue is not him being an angel. It’s having his career destroyed because of false accusations.”

“I respectfully disagree with you.”

“well, he is sober now. he’s gotten better… I think that should be commended”

“Leave Johnny alone

“I agree it was a toxic relationship but I think she 100% was the aggressor”

“You dont get it.. We forgive him his demons. He’s still a national treasure to us.”

But Frankel wasn’t totally slammed by haters — she also had plenty of supporters agreeing with her opinion. They chimed in:

“I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING THIS ALL WEEK! I love how it’s just always Bethenny who speaks facts”

“That’s so true. He’s CLEARLY and ADMITTEDLY no walk in the park. She makes him look like a saint.”

“He texted words I wouldn’t say to my worst enemies.”

“Ok because when you broke out into a song I died! Always keeping it …love you.”

“THANK YOU! No one is saying this!!!!”

Like we said, lots of differing opinions! But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with Bethenny’s read on the situation?

Is Johnny being wrongly labeled as a “hero” because of who he’s attached to in this case? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Law&Crime Network/LiveNOW from FOX/YouTube]

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