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OUCH! Potential Jurors In Blac Chyna Trial Gave SCATHING Opinions About The Kardashians, And OMG!

Potential Jurors In Blac Chyna Civil Trial Gave Their Opinions About The Kardashians In Court, And OMG!

The jury selection process in Blac Chyna‘s civil suit against the KarJenner family has devolved into a s**t show!

Earlier this week, we reported on how Kim KardashianKris JennerKhloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner all showed up in court to watch the proceeding as jurors were picked for the civil trial they are facing from Rob Kardashian‘s ex-partner and baby momma. Now, we are learning how those jurors feel about the KarJenner fam — and it ain’t good!

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According to the Associated Press, as Kim, Kris, Khloé, and Kylie all sat “in the front row of a Los Angeles courtroom” this week, prospective jurors revealed their opinions of the famous family.

As Chyna’s attorney Lynne Ciani asked dozens of potential jurors their feelings about the plaintiff and the defendants, members of the pool quickly let it be known where they stood. The news gathering service reported that one man kicked off the opinion-fest by sharing his thoughts on the clan from Calabasas and their reality TV empire:

“Anything that has to do with their names is just a big no for me. I don’t think reality TV is good for society.”

Not a great start!

Another man added this gem, saying:

“I sincerely hope none of these people get any wealthier because of this.”


One prospective juror told Ciani that her daughter had started to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians years ago, when it first came on, but she quickly cut that off:

“I don’t think they were the best role models. I wouldn’t let her watch anything involving them.”

And another prospective panel member got right to the heart of the courtroom conundrum, considering this week has been meant for selecting a jury in the ongoing civil trial.

The potential juror shared his pessimism about how he wouldn’t be able to remain unbiased regarding the world-famous family:

“I just want to say I have a very negative perception of the parties and I’m not sure I could be unbiased.”

Judge Gregory W. Alarcon stepped in at that point, cautioning the man that it is every American’s right to have a fair, unbiased trial by a jury of their peers in a situation like this.

The judge said:

“I appreciate your honesty. You’re certainly not shy. But this is the type of case like all cases where everybody is entitled to a fair trial. There’s a jury instruction that says the wealth of a party or the poverty of the party doesn’t matter.”

Still, the tension was clear!

At one point, the KarJenner fam’s attorney Michael G. Rhodes explained that the family had been escorted into court by security guards. Rhodes asked one prospective juror whether he had considered the “dark side” of being famous.

The lawyer queried:

“Do you understand that there is a dark side to celebrity, and that people that are famous sometimes need extra security?”

Without missing a beat, the potential juror responded:

“Does that mean that they need Fiji water hand-delivered to them as they sit in court?”

Oh nooooo!!!

Not a great day for the KarJenner fam in court, it would seem.

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Still, the family did have some supporters in the room. At one point, a younger woman who was called for jury duty in the case said to the lawyers:

“I am a pretty big fan of the Kardashians so I don’t think I would be able to make an unbiased judgment.”

And a second man added this, when he was asked:

“I also am a big fan of the Kardashians. I’ve been watching it since I was little, so I don’t think I could be very fair.”

Well then!

There wasn’t as much talk about Chyna, according to the AP. At least one prospective juror did say she “didn’t care for” the KarJenner fam but actually liked Rob’s ex, because the two had previously gone to the same nail salon and Chyna “was always nice to me.” So, that’s something, perhaps!

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The news outlet reported that Kris and her daughters “didn’t seem defensive about the disrespect,” and simply “chatted with each other and smiled during breaks.” And that is wise. These women have all been around long enough to know how the game is played. Best to keep calm and composed with the actual trial itself still ahead. Even so, we’re not so sure we could play it cool like that if people were saying those things about us in a courtroom!

Jury selection is expected to continue through the rest of the day on Tuesday, with opening statements coming up after that, according to the outlet. No word on whether any of these aforementioned prospective jurors will actually be impaneled, or if other people were chosen. A lot goes into jury selection, so much remains to be seen!

Still, these anti-KarJenner quotes are something else. Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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