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Blac Chyna: How She Got In The Oscars!

How Black Chyna scored an invite to the Oscars

And the world makes sense again!

If you were watching the 2020 Oscars coverage Sunday night, you might have been one of many viewers perplexed as to how Blac Chyna, a reality tv star at best, found her way on the red carpet.

As Rob Kardashian’s ex posed for the cameras, the world collectively wondered how the hell she got there. Did someone lose a bet? Was she there for a bit we had yet to see, a la Stacey Dash at 2016’s ceremony? Was it some kind of Blac magic? 

Well, as it turns out, there was a simple explanation for her presence: Chyna WAS someone’s plus one!

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We already suspected the former video vixen landed an invite to Hollywood’s biggest night by being someone’s arm candy, and we were right: that someone is indeed music producer Christopher Trujillo, whom Chyna gave a shout out to on her Instagram earlier in the day, writing:

“Headed to the Oscars with my Award winning engineer @titojustmusic @fashionnovamen ad”

She sure knows how to pick em!

Trujillo, aka Tito JustMusic, may not have a budding sock empire, but he is quite the catch. According to his profile, the Grammy nominee was a recording engineer for multiple songs on Ariana Grande’s 2016 album Dangerous Woman; he also worked on the albums of Meghan Trainor and Fifth Harmony.

Chyna’s apparent red carpet benefactor also solves the mystery of her presence at the 2020 Grammy awards just a few weeks ago, despite only having one, little-known rap single under her belt.

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Tbh, we have to give her a round of applause. Chyna is doing whatever it takes to be SEEN in a prestigious Hollywood light without having any of the creativity or talent it takes to get there — which is, in itself, pretty creative! We just hope for Tito’s sake the two will continue to socialize now that awards season is over…

Chyna’s glitzy night out with Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron was likely a welcome distraction from the ongoing custody drama she’s been dealing with.

As we reported, the 31-year-old recently faced bad parenting accusations from Rob, including claims of their daughter Dream Kardashian learning sexual dances and re-enacting sexual positions after spending time at Chyna’s house. Sources close to Chy dismissed Rob’s claims, however, calling him a “bald faced liar” and insisting the mother-of-two is “a very good mother who would never put her child in harm’s way.”

The custody drama is still ongoing, so if you’re #TeamChyna hopefully her new man has as many legal hookups as he does award show hookups.

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