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Caitlyn Jenner Fuels Kylie Pregnancy Rumors By Saying She Has A New Grandchild Coming!

Caitlyn Jenner Fuels Kylie Pregnancy Rumors By Saying She Has A New Grandchild Coming!

Did Caitlyn Jenner just f**k around and help us all find out some BIG news?!

The I Am Cait alum — who is currently running for the Governor recall in California, by the way — was at an event in the city of Quincy on Thursday when she low-key appeared to spill the beans on a pregnancy rumor going through her family!

So it makes us wonder, naturally… is she talking about Kylie Jenner possibly holding a bun in the oven?! Especially considering Kylie and Travis Scott‘s long journey back to each other over the last few years?? Or is it another KarJenner family member altogether to whom the hopeful politician-to-be is referring??

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During her visit to The Toy Story in Quincy on Thursday, Caitlyn was joking about family size and grandkids with some of the people who came out to see her. At one point, the reality TV alum and former Olympic great riffed on how even though she’s got 18 grandchildren now, she one day wants 30 of ’em — because “it’s a nice, round number.”


In the video clip, the 71-year-old can be seen saying:

“I keep telling the girls, they’re not too excited about this, but I keep saying that I want to go for 30. It’s a nice round number, it’s a round number. And so I just found out the other day that I have another one in the oven. Yes, I found that out the other day, so that’s 19. So, we’ve only got ten to go.”

OK, first off, 19 to 30 is actually eleven, so technically just slight more than ten to go. Gotta keep things correct if you want to be Governor, Cait!

Also, birthday season would be SUPER busy with 30 grandchildren coming up on their big day all year round! Just saying! (Even though it probably already is with 18!)

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Besides those asides, though, can we talk about this rumored 19th kid?! That’s the big story! And is is all news to us, of course!!

As we’ve been reporting, Kylie pregnancy rumors have been swirling all over the gossip world across the last few weeks. Kylie hasn’t been shy in the past about saying she’d love to have another baby, and after she and Travis made their reconciliation official back in June, well, it’s natural to start to wonder about what might be going on there.

If it’s not Kylie — and it could very well be somebody else, to be fair — early speculation points at Kourtney Kardashian, considering her rock-solid romance with boyfriend Travis Barker. Might they actually be the ones working on a bebe?? Another realistic option: perhaps Khloé Kardashian finally went through with what she’s been wanting for a while — a sibling for True Thompson — and the Revenge Body host is the one prepping to pop out number 19.

Of course, to be fair to Caitlyn, she’s got a lot of kids and step-kids, so there are a lot of options here: Burt, BrandonBrodyCassandra Marino, and even other KarJenner family members like KimRob, or perhaps even Kendall.

Still, her comments really make us wonder. Who is that 19th grandkid??

BTW, you can watch Caitlyn’s reveal on video HERE.

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your theories about it down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN/Avalon]

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