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Camila Cabello Dumped Shawn Mendes This Time -- And He's 'Very Upset' About It!

Camila Cabello Dumped Shawn Mendes

When we first heard Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes had ended things yet again, it sounded like one of those conscious uncouplings you hear so much about. You know, they both just realized it was a mistake to have gotten back together in the first place.

Certainly plenty of ex-couples have been there — you meet up again, you remember all the good aspects of your relationship, you already know you’re compatible… But after a brief return to paradise, you remember the parts that made it an unbearable hell!

Hey, who could blame them, right? Well… maybe that’s how it was for one of the I Know What You Did Last Summer singers!

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A new source spilling the tea to Us Weekly on Monday claims it wasn’t so much a mutual decision to part ways — nor was it Shawn’s idea this time! This insider told the outlet:

“Camila was the one who ultimately decided to end things.”

Damn! They said that far from both of them coming to the same conclusion, Shawn “is very upset” they couldn’t make it work a second time around! Oof! Sounds like she broke his heart this time! Last time they split, back in 2021, it was the Treat You Better performer who “initiated the conversation” about taking a break. It seems like she did a pre-emptive strike this time around? Or maybe there was a little payback involved?

All we really know is, it wasn’t some new issue. The source confirmed that part of what we’d been made to understand — it was the same old issues that tore them apart:

“A lot of their old problems started coming back after spending so much time together.”

And they were, as we’ve been following, spending A LOT of time together. Heck, right before they broke up again, we’d heard the exes had “practically moved in with each other.”

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Another source told Us Weekly the same thing — they were “excited at the possibility” of falling back in love, then all too quickly the same old problems were still there:

“It felt really nostalgic and all those initial feelings they had for each other when they first started dating came flooding back … but after a few months, they remembered why they split in the first place.”

They added that the pair “realized they’re better friends than romantic partners,” and everything is chill between them now:

“There’s no bad blood between them, but their relationship has just run its course.”

What were the couple’s problems exactly? They’ve never been very specific. But last year Camila intimated in a Zane Lowe interview that it was about maturity levels — not necessarily different ones, just ones that were unhealthy together maybe? She said:

“As I get older, the priorities shift. And I feel like that was that way for both of us. Because we both started so young, too, it’s like we’re really learning how to be healthy adults.”

She added:

“I guess my focus is really on, ‘How can I be a well-rounded person?'”

We guess Shawn still isn’t the guy to help her on her journey — not standing in her way but by her side.

What do YOU think of Camila getting to be the breaker-upper this time??

[Image via Camila Cabello/Instagram/Shawn Mendes/YouTube.]

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