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Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner's Divorce Is Getting SO Messy -- As Wife Says SCREW THE PRENUP!

Kevin Costner's Estranged Wife's Lawyer Argues He Has No 'Legal Basis' To Kick Her Out Of Home -- But He Fights Back!

Uh oh! Kevin Costner‘s split from his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner is only getting more complicated!

For those who haven’t heard the bad news, the Yellowstone star was reportedly completely blindsided earlier this year when his wife of 25 years suddenly filed for divorce “out of the blue“. He reportedly tried to save what was left of their marriage — some even theorized that’s part of why he left his hit show! But to no avail.

Now the split has gone from sad to vicious! The Field of Dreams star got his lawyers involved with the breakup after Christine was reportedly refusing to leave one of their three homes. This was agreed upon in their prenup — if they ever broke up she’d have to pack up her things and head out — but she apparently didn’t see things this way! Suddenly he went from trying to win his wife back to trying to kick her butt out of his house!

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Then Kevin filed legal docs accusing his soon-to-be ex of charging $95,000 bucks to his credit card “without prior notice” — shortly after she left him. He’s basically accusing her of stealing his money before the prenup kicks in! WTF?!

Speaking of which, Christine wants the public in on the deets of their prenup — while he says it would do “irreparable damage.” The 68-year-old says it’ll just cause him to get “unwanted and embarrassing global media attention” and potentially become the victim of fraudsters.

Messy, messy, messy!

But it’s not stopping there. According to more legal docs obtained by Insider on Thursday, Christine is hitting back hard against having to leave what she considers her home!

Her attorney John Rydell says the order filed by the Dances With Wolves star “seeks to kick Christine and their three children out of the house that the children have lived in for their entire lives”:

“Although the legal basis for Kevin’s request to kick his wife and children out of their home is all but nonexistent, this is still a matter of critical importance for Christine.”

Damn! According to legal docs, the actor gave his ex a $1.2 million fund to go find a new home, per the terms of their prenup. Costner also tacked on that he’s willing to tack on an additional $10,000 for moving expenses and a monthly $30,000 for rental costs — with a $38,000 per month check for child support — just to get this whole legal battle over with. Sounds fair, right? Though when you see the prices of real estate in El Lay, you’ll understand why that wouldn’t exactly keep her in the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed living with a movie! So she’s refusing to leave.

Innerestingly, some of their friends are coming up to bat for her, with one source telling

“Christine is the one who turned the house into a home. She’s the one who has been living in the house with the kids all these years, and the kids don’t think she should leave either.”

The insider added that the actor is rarely home, which is the main reason why their marriage went toward splitsville — something that the Hidden Figures star has harshly refuted:

“His priority has been his work, and now all of a sudden the property is so important to him. He’s bitter and lashing out because Christine pulled the plug on the marriage. Christine said she’s being made out to be some gold digger, but for her this isn’t about money. It’s about keeping some sort of normalcy for the kids. If anyone should find a new house, it should be Kevin. Christine is not about to budge, so Kevin should just give in and move on.”

Ouch! A source for Kevin, however, hit back at Christine invoking the kids. The insider told People on Friday that Christine is making this “all about Christine” — and not their three shared children Cayden Wyatt, 15, Hayes Logan, 14, and Grace Avery, 13:

“It’s disingenuous to bring the kids into this. This has nothing to do with the kids. The kids’ foundation is solid. This is all about Christine. Kevin has gone above and beyond in providing Christine the necessary means to find a suitable place for her to move.”

Oof. This man had the biggest hit show on TV, and now his whole world seems to be falling apart. He probably thought he’d never have to do this again…

In his own words, Kevin has said he’s fighting back so hard because last time he went through a messy split he was left essentially “homeless”:

“I was married once before and, upon separation, found myself without home base and unable to live in my own home. I never wanted this to happen again.”

This doesn’t seem like an issue to the close friend of the couple though, as they argued to DM:

“Kevin should be thinking of the kids instead of himself. She also said Kevin has plenty of other houses he can choose from to make his primary home.”

But the home they’re fighting over is a $145 million mansion in Cali, which was purchased in 1988 and is solely owned by Kevin. Christine didn’t come into the picture until decades later. They’re also duking it out over a home that’s adjacent to the property, one he says he uses for work, that will soon be occupied because of his upcoming film projects. This entire thing, according to the actor’s lawyers, was exactly the point of the prenup in the first place!

“What is happening now is exactly what he and Christine contracted to avoid in the event their marriage failed. Christine has accepted the benefits of the PMA (pre marital agreement) over the years, but now refuses to accept this one burden.”

Kevin has completely backed out of negotiations for the final season of Yellowstone, and according to his statement, he’s just hoping the anticipated 50/50 custody of their kids ends up working out. He also plans to return to that adjacent home and stay there while the legal battle continues — and she’s living in the big house. We can’t imagine what’s going to happen with these two living next door to each other at this point. This is getting rough, guys!

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