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Cardi B Opens Up About ‘Terrible’ Moment She & Offset Learned Of Takeoff’s Death

Cardi B Opens Up About The ‘Terrible’ Moment She & Offset Learned Of Takeoff’s Death

Cardi B is opening up about the painful night she and Offset found out about Takeoff’s death.

Over two months after the Nothing Changed rapper was tragically shot and killed at a Houston, Texas bowling alley, Cardi B is getting candid about the moment she and her husband (who is also Takeoff’s cousin) were made aware of the awful situation. While speaking with Jason Lee on his self-titled The Jason Lee Podcast, the 30-year-old revealed of the life-altering moment: 

“We [were] in bed. We was supposed to go to La La‘s party in New York and my daughter threw up all over my costume.”

She continued:

“We just fell asleep and out of nowhere, Offset’s phone kept ringing, my phone kept ringing. Offset picked up the phone and he’s just like ‘No!’’ He [was] screaming and screaming. And I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he’s like, ‘Takeoff is dead.”

In that moment, the Be Careful rapper was in complete disbelief — she recalled:

“I smacked him and I said, ‘Don’t say that. Like, don’t say that!’ And then he [was] just screaming and just throwing things, throwing up, running all over and I was so scared. I was just crying so much. It was terrible.”

We can’t even imagine… The whole idea is absolutely gutting.

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The mother of two went on to explain how, in the aftermath of Takeoff’s shocking death, the couple’s home life got difficult:

“It was just such a sensitive time in my home, and I just feel like everything was so triggering. Like any little bad thing, any little this, every little, whatever the crap, to me was just like, so triggering. It was a lot.”

The I Like It rapper added that she’s grateful for the time she got to spend in the presence of Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo together in their group, Migos, remembering how their rise to fame was inspirational:

“I feel like I’m so happy that I experienced all those great moments when they were all together and everything. It’s a great memory. Sometimes I cannot even listen to Culture because I get emotional. I love them forever.”

Offset himself hasn’t said much about the loss of his cousin. But what he has said has been deeply moving. Last month, he took to Twitter to share with fans:

“S**t not easy fake smiling and s**t tryna keep walking with my head up”

See (below):

So, so sad. As for Quavo, we reported earlier this month that he dropped an emotional tribute to his late nephew, titled, Without You, which contained the lyrics:

“I wish I had a time machine / Just so you can take a ride with me / Wrap my arms around and hold you tight, Phew, so you could never say goodbye to me”

Our hearts are with those close to Takeoff. Just such a shocking loss. What are your thoughts on Cardi’s recollection of the moment she found out about the news? Share your support in the comments down below.

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