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Chet Hanks Releases Music Video For White Boy Summer -- And It Is Just Something Else...

Chet Hanks Released A Song Called White Boy Summer, And It Is Just Something Else…

Chet Hanks (AKA Chet Hanx) just can’t let go of a certain three-word phrase.

As you may recall, Tom Hanks‘ son previously announced on Instagram that “white boy summer” was coming soon. The clip instantly went viral on social media, with many pointing out how the video was a new level of problematic and ridiculousness for the 30-year-old. It made absolutely no sense even though Chet sort of clarified that he wasn’t “talking about Trump, you know, NASCAR-type white.” In a vid on his Instagram Stories, he further told followers that the phrase means no “ill-will or prejudice against anybody from a different background, race or walk of life than you.” It still didn’t help people understand the meaning though.

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Now, the actor — who raps under the moniker Chet Haze — has finally released his partying anthem, along with the accompanying music video on Tuesday. Dancing with a bunch of women, even bouncing his head off their booties at one point, the Bratz alum also wrapped himself in a Jamaican flag and rapped in a patois. SMH. Clearly, he still hasn’t learned his lesson about cultural appropriation after the last scandal.

Ch-ch-check out all this cringe for yourself (below):

Yeah… It’s just a lot. Before the controversial video’s release, Chet also dropped some merchandise with the phrase printed in a font similar to the ones used by white nationalists. Think he thought that through??

And that’s not the only scandal he currently faces, as TMZ reported how the El Lay native currently faces a lawsuit from his ex Kiana Parker, who has claimed physical abuse.

What do U think of the song? Sound OFF in the comments (below).

[Image via Chet Hanx/YouTube]

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